Take Off the Rose Coloured Glasses

Before I go into my diatribe for today, I wanted to wish everyone a happy MLK Day. Many of you may not know that his real name was Michael King, Jr. Check out the article below.


One of my Patriot friends shared a video of the garbage strewn tracks in Commie-fornia, as intermodal freight trains are being targeted by thieves, and there seems to be nothing either the police, or the railroad can do about it. But Union Pacific did at least step up enforcement. If the criminals are caught, the charges are often reduced to misdemeanors, they pay a nominal fine, and are back on the street within 24 hours. This is Democratic policies at work. This is what happens when you vote Democrat. They will not prosecute criminals of colour, because in their eyes, it is racist. Yes I know, that logic make absolutely no sense, but that is how they their warped brains function. That is one reason why it takes so long for consumers to receive their packages from Amazon, FedEx, et al. I am currently waiting on a package ordered through Amazon. It was supposed to arrive next month, but the arrival date was changed to the last week of this month.

Meanwhile, we can add Virginia as another east cost free state. Despite the millions in financial assistance from Satan’s favourite demon George Soros to ensure a win for his incumbent Democrats, the Republicans won the posts of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General; who wasted no time in restructuring the office by giving the pink slip to everyone, and opening an investigation into Loudon County schools.

Our own Democratic Governor is not resting on her claws. She wants to convert a large cemetery in Brooklyn into park space. Is nothing sacred? NO, not as long as she’s in office. Of course, another park would be welcomed, but using a cemetery older than she is as parkland is a boneheaded idea! I have never been to the Greenwood Cemetery, but I know of it. And she wants to destroy it. She makes me sick!

I like what Spain is doing. We need to do that here, but it will not happen as long as the demon rats are in power. Like I have said before, the government is using COVID as a way to control the demographic. I saw a meme on Facebook that offers a striking comparison to our current government versus the plot of the movie titled V is for Vendetta. I wish I could find that meme. I love that movie.


Finally, thanks to Biden and out of control inflation, the guard booth at mom’s complex is now vacant. The reason is the security company can no longer afford the insurance. So all the guards are now out of work. The guard booth at my complex has been vacant since last year. I’m waiting for them to knock it down. What is the point of it being there? Now its an eyesore. The maintenance guys no longer work on weekends. They will respond to emergencies only. I wonder who long it will be until undesirable sub-humans start roaming the place. Its bad enough the faculty from the high school next door are parking on the property. I have complained twice, and no one is doing anything about it. We need Lee Zeldin to become Governor and rescue this state from the Democrats before it turns into California. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see Hocul cast out on her wrinkled butt like trash. Too bad I may not be here to see it.

That’s all I have to say for today. Its back to work for me tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good week.

Fight the power.

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