War and No Peace

I was thinking about the war, and all that has happened thus far. In a previous post, I commented that the sanctions Biden placed on Russia was laughable. That’s because I thought it would be just the United States going ahead with sanctions. But other countries have followed suit. The international sanctions, plus the U.S. sanctions, are having an effect on Russia. Companies like BP are pulling their money from Russian interests, Apple Pay and Google Pay have been suspended, and the Russian ruble has rapidly lost value, causing the Russian central bank to increase interest rates to 20%.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) was calling for Putin’s assassination in a tweet. He needs to shut his trap before Putin gets wind of it and sends bombers our way. We don’t want to get involved in this war, but we may get dragged into it if a NATO ally comes under fire from the Russians. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see him assassinated. That would make him a martyr, and an inspiration for the Russians. That would be one war the U.S. would not win, as long as Bonehead Biden is commander in chief.


Suppose that Putin captures the Ukraine and makes it a province of Russia. Do you think he will stop there? I don’t. It would not surprise me if he went after Turkey, or even Germany for the failed Operation Barbarossa by the Nazis. That is what scares me. The Russian war machine could come to a screeching halt now that the Russian economy is taking a huge hit from sanctions, but I doubt it. Putin has an agenda, and I believe he will make sure it comes to fruition at all cost.

I had seen a meme about Germany seizing the custom yacht of a Russian billionaire. I was ready to comment on it, but then I found this link that says otherwise. I’m glad I looked it up before commenting.


A friend shares her views about this war:

If Iran, Turkey, Libya and the Arab coalition start supplying Russia’s needs due to all the sanctions placed on Russia, then the war becomes the apocalyptic Biblical Gog and Magog War. They will go after Israel also, and other countries. The most violent end of times war will be the last war called the Battle of Armageddon. Dead bodies will be as high as horses’ bridles. The Battle of Armageddon will be led by the Antichrist.

When Israel signs the peace treaty that allows her to rebuild her Jewish temples, then the seven year Tribulation period begins. The Antichrist will be the one world ruler then, and will fix all the problems of the world that he secretly had started to do, and when he fixes them, he would be hailed as a hero by the people of the world. Then after three and a half years, he will show the world that he is an evil dictator.

So according to her, all this was meant to happen. Its in the Book of Revelations. I never saw this coming in any of my visions. I did have a vision recently, but it is not related to the war.

This really distresses me. But it gets worse…

What in the name of dirt and worms is going on here? The WH will NOT increase domestic oil production, yet we’re buying oil from our enemies? What is this? Do the elitists, Marxists and communists hate this country that much that they want us to be at the mercy of our enemies? I do not like what is going on here. WE NEED TRUMP! I’ll say it again: WE NEED TRUMP! Anyone who disagrees can go get stuffed!

I have been feeling depressed all day because of what’s going on. I didn’t even feel like finishing this post, but I wanted to get the word out. And that Maduro reminds me of Stalin. I hate looking at him.

I promised my sister that I would include a video from Uncle Joonya in the next blog post, and I’m keeping my promise. This is a good video to watch about slavery. Leave me a comment if you like the video.

Thanks for reading my post. Please pray that life here will change for the better, and for all the people in the Ukraine who are suffering thanks to Putin’s war machine. Have a good night.

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