The Gong Show

One of my Patriot friends sent me a video that I would like to share with the class.

I could not sleep last night, so I was thinking about the war. I was wondering how come the United States still has gas available? I’m not complaining, mind you, but since Bonehead Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, he has been buying Russian oil. Why would that screwhead buy oil from Russia? If you have a Lukoil gas station in your area, the gas was refined from Russian oil. One would think that due to increasing tensions, we would have been cut off by now. He groveled to Saudi Arabia asking for more oil, and they said no. I bet they thought he has a few screws loose for even asking. One would think that Biden would consider restarting construction on the pipeline to help lower gas prices in the long term and make the country energy independent. Nah. This is Biden we’re talking about. A man who couldn’t lead a horse to water. What is really going on here? Is this some part of a huge conspiracy involving Biden and his cohorts in China? The whole Biden Administration is a gong show at this point.

I had heard rumblings that Biden bought Iranian oil and he did!! That dimwitted dolt went against his own sanctions. It seems to me that he wants to make the United States become dependent on these foreign nations, for oil. If they stopped exporting oil to us, we’re screwed.

We do have plenty of natural gas as an alternative fuel source. The primary users are public transit and the waste removal industry, since it comes from the landfill. I spent seven years in the waste removal industry, and in those days, recovering landfill gas was called “resource recovery.” I drove a bus that was powered with a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine at the old job. It has its pros and cons. It burns cleans, fuel economy is better than diesel, and its cheaper that diesel. I remember one person told me the exhaust smells like french fries. The cons are limited range because it has less energy per gallon than diesel. In layman’s terms, its not as powerful as diesel, and you need more of it to equal the range of a gasoline powered, or diesel car. That’s why some CNG transit buses have the tanks mounted on the roof. Also, due to CNG having less energy per gallon, it is not as powerful as a gas engine. I also drove a 2012 Ford Econoline CNG van and a 2012 gasoline powered version. As expected, the gas version is more responsive, and is very peppy in around town driving. The CNG version is slow, and highway merges can become a scary experience despite the 3.55 axle ratio.

CNG is also very finicky in cold weather. Its not how much gas you have, but how much pressure is available. Cold weather can reduce the in tank pressure to below the 1,000 PSI that is needed at the fuel injectors for the engine to run properly. To give you an idea of what is considered full and empty, 3000 PSI is a full tank, 2500 is half, under 1000 is roughly between empty and one quarter tank. When the pressure is that low, the engine will run, but it will not make power. But regardless of the disadvantages, it is cleaner for the environment.

I find the above article very interesting. I guess the Russian soldiers didn’t expect the kind of resistance from the Ukrainians, and have lost interest in either combat, or intentionally running over a car with their tank. I saw the video, and that was no accident.

Now let’s get to the Princess of PUTRID, Kamala Harris. I hate that wannabe Witch Hazel as much as I hate Biden. Always cackling, like she’s standing in front of her cauldron mixing something poisonous. Both of them should be brought up on charges of treason. She was giving an unprepared speech at the WH for Black History Month, and people are so brainwashed that they’re applauding; believing everything she says. Wake up, you idiots!

Because, as we all know, elections matter. And when folks vote, they order what they want. And in this case, they got what they asked for.

Newsflash, Anita FAKER, the voters didn’t “order” Kentanji Brown Jackson to be nominated for the Supreme Court, or YOU to be vice president! I really like the part of how elections matter. Yeah, as long as the demon rats are assured of a win, then elections matter. If I was at that gong show called the State of the Union Address, I would be throwing things at both of them and booing like crazy. A shoe, a piece of cherry pie, and, since Kamala is half Jamaican, a bottle of pickapepper sauce. It would be an empty bottle of course. I’m not wasting good sauce on that piece of garbage. Someone please make her go away!

Biden didn’t talk about inflation, so I will. The balanced billing payment for the electric bill went from $42 to $60 this month! The only time my electric usage goes up is during the summer when the A/C units are running. Electric usage is low during the winter. Gas went up by ten cents at the station down the road to $3.77. Filling up my bus this morning cost $127, and she’s not a gas sipper. I can imagine the company fuel bill every month. And you guessed it, Socialist Sophie would see nothing wrong with it. Kamala and that other wench Jen Psaki would agree. I don’t expect that sap to do a damn thing about inflation. But I expect him to fall down the stairs as he is entering Air Force One.

I think that’s enough venom for now. I had to get it out because I was so pissed. Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good night, beautiful people.

Fight the power.

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