Changing of the Guard

My apologies for not posting for the past four days, and I have already lost a follower due to that oversight. Sometimes life gets in the way, and as of now, I have my own crisis to deal with. But the need for another post takes precedence at the moment.

There is news from Jamaica about possibly removing the Queen Mum as head of state, and Jamaica would become a republic rather than remain as a monarchy.

That made my eyebrows drop.

Frankly, I do not believe Jamaica is ready to be a republic. Just because Barbados did it does not mean Jamaica can do it. There is already way too much crime. There was a shooting in Ocho Rios; which is not known for crime. One sore point that I know of involves streets that are in desperate need of paving. The residents complain to their local council, but nothing gets done. It is the same story when an empty lot is full of illegally dumped garbage that smells, residents complain to their elected officials. They seem quick to respond within city limits, but it is a different story in the suburban areas. I’m glad that the street in front of grandpa’s house was paved when I was living there. But even back in the 1970’s before the Chinese built the highways, a lot of the country roads were in dire need of repair and/or paving.

Even though Jamaican gained independence from England in 1962, the ties between the two countries have remained. But the possibility of Jamaica becoming a republic doesn’t sit well with me. When the Royals visited Jamaica recently, they were met with protests. One sign said “seh yuh sorry.” Another sign said “Apologise.” Do they think Jamaica would have been better off if it was a republic during mom’s time? I’ll tell you the answer: NO! The problems that are present now, would be still there. These protestors want reparations from England for colonialism. Sometimes I wonder if these protestors really understand what they’re asking for. Jamaica was not the only province of England. So was Hong Kong and India. For the record, Australia was NOT a province of England. It started out as a penal colony for U.K. criminals until it was colonised. Either way, I’m against Jamaica becoming a republic for the moment. Mom lived in Jamaica when it was a province of England, and even she is against having the Queen removed as head of state. When the issues of crime, homelessness, drugs, and corruption have been taken care of, the economic machine running on all cylinders, streets are being paved and properly maintained, then I would support Jamaica moving away from England. But not right now. There is too much work to be done.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good week.

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