The Woke Prince of Bel-Air

I have been waiting to unpack this. Salivating like Wile E. Coyote when he first sees the Road Runner, rubbing my knuckles together and smiling like Satan’s maid Nancy Pelosi. Hollywood, the bitch slap heard around the world, and declining ratings for the Oscars. I have plenty to say about those elitists. Frankly, they should all be hung up by their donkey ears over a fire pit.

I used to like Will Smith. I listened to his music, watched a few episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, saw the movie I Am Legend; and it was a great movie. But over the years, I stopped being his follower. I remember when his wife Jada was on A Different World as college student Lena James, and she played a RN on the show Hawthorne. I stopped following her too when it became clear to me that those two follow a path of evil. I bet they have visited Epstein Island a few dozen times. I wasn’t entirely surprised when he walked up to him and gave him a wicked bitch slap.

Listen, I get it. No husband wants to hear someone make a joke about his wife who is going through medical challenges. But it could have been handled better. Assaulting the guy in front of an audience was not the way to go. I saw a picture of reactions from some elitists in the audience like Dwayne Johnson and Meryl Streep on Instagram. I wonder if the reactions were genuine or staged. I’m surprised they showed any reaction at all! I keep thinking about the book 1984 where you’re not supposed to show any emotion to your comrades. Chris Rock declined to press charges; which makes me wonder if he is an elitist also. Birds of a feather pimp out children together.

Wanda Sykes is another elitist that I used to like. I stopped following her many moons ago. Her conduct at the Oscars was disgraceful. I also wonder if she has been to Epstein Island. I was watching a video on Snapchat about a 12 year old boy who is a drag queen. He pulled it off well, but how about letting him be a kid first? When he’s older, if he still wants to be a drag queen, then have a go at it. Call me crazy, (and most have) but that’s just how I feel about it.

Take that, Wanda Sykes!

Oh please. His apology will not change my mind about him. He’ll do it again. He’s only apologising because of the huge blowback. He doesn’t mean it. You can read his apology and make the call. But I wonder why Jada didn’t wear a wig if she has issues with hair loss? Perhaps she was making a statement about being a woman and being bald. Who knows. But I loved what DeSantis had to say to Sykes and her elitist gang of wannabe paedophiles. Well done.

These days, I care nothing about Hollywood, or celebrities. I stopped following Fran Drescher and Mayim Bialik. Both of them are elitists. I remember mom used to cringe when I watched The Cosby Show because she did not like Cosby or his co-star, Phylicia Rashad. Knowing what I know now, I see why she hated them. I tease mom because she likes the old movies like Guns of Navarone, Tobruk, and Where Eagles Dare. Both of us don’t like the garbage movies that Hollywood dragged through the sewer pipe. I don’t care for all the woke shows either. I mostly watch documentaries, reality, and paranormal shows. I’m done with Hollywood and their perverted desires.

But I do have one friend who hopes to make it to the big screen someday. She is far from being an elitist, definitely has NOT been to Epstein Island, and is AGAINST child sex trafficking. Keep your eyes open for Vesta Millard. One of these days, you might see her on Netflix. So far, none of her movies come from Hollywood. What a relief.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good day.

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