This Day in News Updates

Wow! I was blown away when I saw those posts! I totally love the idea! Why should those wannabe paedophiles get any tax breaks? The state could use the extra money to buy textbooks for schoolchildren that don’t contain any mention of Critical Race Theory. Go woke, go broke.

This makes me wonder if this red headed ghoul is a wannabe paedophile herself. Otherwise, why would she be so upset about the anti groomer law? Or is this outrageous display of emotion related to Trump Derangement Syndrome? I don’t know. You make the call.

I am SO happy to see that I will not need to wear a face diaper the next time I fly. I remember I was at a McDonalds at the Denver airport last year, and I was so afraid to take off the face diaper just to eat because I didn’t want to be thrown out of the dining area for not wearing it. But I saw other people had taken theirs off to eat so I thought it was okay. Of course, I put it back on when I finished, and it was under duress. United Airlines has posted that they will not require face diapers on their flights. Southwest Airlines, I’m waiting for you to say the same thing. I want to fly with you again to Florida.

I hate Tuesdays. Everyone acts like they’re possessed by Satan. Or they just don’t give a flying fuck. I get cut off, nearly sideswiped, tailgated, and just harassed in general. Never mind the fact that I have special needs adults on my bus. I guess these drivers want to see the colour of their spurting blood, and the company vehicle turned into a crumpled piece of sheet metal. Then act all innocent. Ugh! Not gonna happen on my watch. If these creeps want to hurt my people, they have to go through me first!

Before I sign off, I wanted to say that I created a new page, and if you like my blog and wish to buy me a coffee, you can click on the link below. Its a new thing I’m trying out, so lets see how this goes. You don’t have to, but I do love my coffee.

So thanks for reading my post. Have a great night and a great rest of your week.

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