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Happy Eostre everyone! I celebrate the traditional version, which is originally about sex and fertility, hence the eggs and rabbit. Of course, Christianity adopted it, and changed it to suit their beliefs. But that argument is for another day.

Every time I try to get away from this woke and paedophilia crap, I get sucked back in. Look at this:

It begs the question: Has this been going on for all this time, even before Disney went woke? I say YES! I had posted previously about Walt’s Satanic references in Disney movies and cartoons, so it figures that children would be involved somewhere. Snorkeling trips. Yeah, right. I’m not even going to take it there, because that rabbit hole will be full of all things perverted and disgusting.

So you might remember I posted about a 12 year old drag queen that I saw in a video on Snapchat Stories. I believe I found him.


Let me contrast for a bit. My best friend has a 14 year old daughter. Her life is all about school, sports, the desire to wear makeup, boys, hanging out with friends, rolling her eyes at her mom’s fashion choices, and Post Malone. This drag queen is being denied his childhood. What’s gonna happen when he grows up and realises that he totally missed it?

Just to clarify, a drag queen is a male that dresses as a woman for entertainment purposes. For example, RuPaul is a drag queen. He does not dress as a woman all the time, but he does for award shows, special events, and to host his show called RuPauls’s Drag Race.

From what I am seeing, all of a sudden, being either gay, gender nonconforming, or being non binary is mainstream, and being straight is a bad thing. My question is why? I remember watching episodes of Will and Grace many moons ago with actor Sean Hayes in the role of the obnoxious Jack McFarland, who is so over the top gay. At least in my opinion. Yours may differ. I’m convinced this is what they want. The whole planet should be gay. I shouldn’t chase women, I should wear makeup and a skirt and chase men. Yeah right. The day I give up women is the day life on earth comes to an end.


So I happened across this article. I thought I had lost it, but I came across it by accident. Woke shows that are so disgusting that they’re not being renewed. If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your browser. I tried the link and it does work even though for some reason, the 2022 would not highlight with the rest of the link.


I find it interesting that Lena Dunham was mentioned. I was perusing the library DVD shelf and I saw her show called Girls. Woo hoo! A show about and involving girls? I’m all in!! Girls make the world go round! Especially if they’re wearing a tank top, shorts, and wedges! Yea, I know, but I was the same way in high school. It was all about girls, girls, girls. Always wanting to get into the girls locker room to check out the eye candy, but my gym teacher Mr. Tafuri was always standing in front of it. I’ll never forgive him for that. But ANYWAY, I was looking for something to watch since I do not have cable at the moment. Let’s give this show a go. That was a mistake! The show is a complete yawn fest. Boring. There was one part where Lena was topless and I wanted to gouge my eyes out. Total grossness! PUT THAT TOP BACK ON! Oh boy, if I said that, that means I don’t find her attractive. Damn it!! I’m not surprised that her shows have all ended up being cancelled. I also wonder if she has been to Epstein Island. Wouldn’t surprise me.

So my sister read my blog about the Will Smith/Chris Rock bitch slap at Oscar night, and she was telling me that Jada and Tupac grew up together. I thought that was interesting, so I researched it, and indeed, they were good friends, but the relationship never went beyond that. It implies that the reason that Jada and Will have an open marriage is because she still hasn’t gotten over him. I had read in another article that she was unhappy because she did not want to get married to Will. Probably because she was still thinking about Tupac. I’ll let you make the call.

Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcome. Have a good day, beautiful people.

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