Game Changer



I had just parked after my afternoon shift, and I was looking through Instagram when I saw the above post. WOW! Is this a joke? I almost fell out of my seat! This is a TOTAL game changer! What better way to take Twitter private, bring back free speech AND leave those leftists to cry themselves an ocean than to move the HQ out of Commie-fornia and down to Texas? It will bring jobs, the local economy would take off like a rocket, and Tesla dealerships could start popping up. Hey, maybe future Twitter employees could be eligible to get a Tesla company car. This is a win for both sides. I will go as far to say that there should be a statue of Elon in the lobby to celebrate the man from South Africa that brought back free speech. They can’t put the statue outside because the leftists would knock it down and turn it into scrap metal.

So sad to see

The above video reminds me of the South Bronx during the crack epidemic when I was a teen. I can’t watch the whole thing because it is too depressing. This is what goes on in Pelosi’s district whilst she lives in a mansion. Elon, please, I beg of you, move Twitter HQ out of that cesspool of illegal drugs.

Thanks for reading my post, and comments are always welcome. Have a good night.

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