Life and Times at Wal-Mart

Every week, I visit the local Wal-Mart to do my shopping and pick up medications for mom and I. I hate going there, but they have stuff that the supermarket does not have, and if they do have it, I can usually buy it at a lower price. I also used to work in that store during the naughts, or early 2000’s in the Foods department. I remember when we had the sadistic managers like Lynne and Eddie, and the cool managers like Karen, Jerry, and Dodi. I remember one of the cashiers was named Euripides. Since I am a follower of Greek Mythology, he was an interesting sort to converse with.

Even in those days, few cashier lanes were open during peak times, which was anywhere between 5pm to 8pm, and I would hear the announcement about how all register trained associates should report to the front. That meant going to the accounting office to pick up your drawer, count the till, go to your assigned register and sign on, and start checking out customers. I was not register trained, and I was so happy I wasn’t since I’m not a math whiz in any shape or form.

Whilst many things annoy me about “Wally World,” my main sore point is how I have to show my receipt at the person at the door, whether I used the self checkout, or used the cashier. I don’t have to do that when I go to King Kullen, Stop and Shop, or even Kohl’s. I think its an answer to a rash of theft that was going on when the self checkouts were installed. Now there are cameras above each checkout that a typical customer will not notice. Anyone that attempts to perform the old sleight of hand trick, or a bar code switch will be caught. On a Saturday two weeks ago, I saw a co-worker from my job doing the receipt inspections. She was working there part time. Hopefully she will quit since we’re getting a raise, and the working atmosphere is not worth wasting her Saturdays to earn a few extra dollars.

Granted, King Kullen and Stop and Shop may not experience the kind of theft that Wal-Mart has, but it is still a problem. With inflation, and the high cost of meats and groceries, I bet more than one person has attempted to leave the store with a few packages of frozen meat concealed somewhere on their person. Mom told me this past Saturday that beef at the local supermarket was $5/pound!

I remember we had a young and beautiful Russian girl named Veronika working in the store. To say she is beautiful was the understatement of the week. She got stares wherever she went. She was married, and I was jealous because some lucky bastard gets to call her his wife. He probably met her online through a Russian dating service, went to Russia to bring her to the States, and married her so she could get her green card. The outfits she wore would make grown men leave their wives or girlfriends without hesitation. She didn’t stay long. Probably because she was too much of a distraction. Then there was Lynne walking around, ruling with an iron fist. Front and face, clean up your area, go get your returns from up front. Heh. We thought she was a few cards short of a full deck.

I wanted to shout out the old crew: Keva, Fallon, Robinmarie, Susan, Aurora, Chris, the after mentioned Euripides and Karen, Yvonne, Zaria, Shaq, and Awilda. They made the 3pm till close shift fun.

BTW, be careful when you take your car to Wal-Mart TLE (Tyre and Lube Express) for an oil change. I remember a story about how a customer brought her car in for service, and the technician stripped the threads on the oil pan, but never told the customer. She was blaming another shop for the cause of her oil leak. She assumed they did it, so she brought her car in for them to fix, and the owner was denying that his shop caused the problem. I was at the same shop getting work done on my car and heard the whole thing. I used to go to TLE when I had my Malibu, but stopped when I got my truck.

One story we were laughing about is how co-manager Eddie got trampled during Black Friday. At that time, people were lined up at the door ready to rush in and grab the bargains. Or more like trying to push down the doors. I was not there since I always worked till closing. The doors opened, people pushed their way inside, and Eddie had foot prints, or rather paw prints, all over him. It was even caught on the monitor. He lived to see another day, but left the store soon after. As usual, it was total chaos inside People throwing elbows and fists to get the last TV. Every man for himself. I’m glad I wasn’t there.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for reading this post. I almost discarded it, but I figured I might as well finish it so I can concentrate on another post I in mind. Have a good night.

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