A few days ago, my sister posted about how everyone is her house has to be reminded about doing chores, and she’s tired of always being the one that has to clean the house. That got me thinking about the time when I was in Wyoming with my girlfriend at the time, and when I attempted to do minor housework because the place was a mess, she did not want me to clean her house. I didn’t ask her why.

BOOM! All of a sudden, all these images and information hit me all at once like a download from the universe. In those few seconds, everything made sense. The breakup was not my fault because we were not meant to be. I was stupid. Too caught up in the moment to see it. There were three takeaways: She didn’t want me to clean her house, the DEMMAND for gas money on the day she was driving me to the airport, and, when I asked her to take a picture of me and my daughter, she did not say a word as I handed her the phone and she snapped the pic, as if she was annoyed. All three things struck me as very odd, and whilst I paid no attention to it at the time, but I made a note of it. It was like she only came into my life to reunite me with my daughter, then she’s gone. Oh well.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, something may not work out at all because it was not meant to be. Or everything comes together in a totally different manner. I brought my then-girlfriend lingerie, purchased a piece of land in Scotland under her name, and I was in the process of sending her a gift for Valentines Day when the house of cards came tumbling down. I remember what she said about other men that desired her, but she always said no out of respect for me. Believe it or not, I felt insulted. If she was not happy, she was free to find someone else, because I had my own reservations about the relationship, and I considered walking away. No matter. Now I am at peace with it. I have released this pain into the universe and now I can go forth and achieve my ambitions.

That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks for reading my post. Have a good day.

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