Car Troubles

My apologies for not being here for the past few days. I had a cold with nonstop coughing. It was so bad that I thought a blood vessel in my brain would burst. The peanut in my head suggested I buy cough medicine, NyQuill, and Vapour Rub. No, I did not have COVID because I still have my sense of smell and taste. I am feeling a lot better, but recovery is going slower than normal thanks to the weird weather. But enough about my well being.

I took today off to bring my car to the shop. On Saturday, when I was on the highway and attempted to pass another car, the whole car shook violently. It felt like some kind of death wobble. A million thoughts flooded my mind. I thought maybe part of the steering linkage was bent. Initially I pulled into a gas station to see what happened, but all looked normal. She felt like either the transaxle was slipping, or maybe the ignition coils were failing. But if that was the case, then the check engine would be on. The car drove normally and shifted fine after the shaking. I was really scared that it could happen again, so I was thinking about calling AAA and have Woods Towing carry her to the shop, but I nixed that idea. I just took it easy on the highway. No high speed hijinks.

So my mechanic test drove it, and he was able to recreate the problem. Up in the air she went, and the diagnosis is a stuck caliper. The rotors were glowing orange, and the brake hoses was starting to melt. That would explain the violent shaking. The rotors were warped from the high heat, which created an imbalance that I felt on the highway. He could smell the burning as soon as he got out of the car, and jaded me didn’t smell anything, BUT, when I came home on Saturday, I did notice a burning smell, and it never occurred to me to check the brakes. And I was looking at the front wheels and didn’t see a thing!! Sometimes I wonder if I can be any more clueless. But in my defence, I wasn’t running on all cylinders. I remember I had a problem with a sticky caliper a few years ago. But at least the rotors were not glowing orange.

He crunched the numbers for me, and it will cost over $1,200 to fix. It might take every penny I have. But I’ll find a pay to pay for it. I need my car. He couldn’t do it today because one mechanic was out. That seems to be the situation every time my car needs major work. He can do the job tomorrow. He suggested I leave the car there because it would be unsafe to drive. I had mom pick me up, and she’s letting me use her Hyundai for the time being. She’s not driven much, so a long ride to my place is just what she needs to get the engine up to temperature. I just stopped at the supermarket and came home. I don’t want to be driving up and down on her gas, and it is already pushing $5/gallon.

In order to take the day off, I had to leave my trusty E450 Cutaway for someone else to drive, and I got to borrow a 2015 Ford Escape. I really like it. The only thing I may not like is that it has less interior room than my car. But I can sit in it no problem. Headroom is good for this six footer. It drives well, I love the backup camera, the instrumentation, the layout on the binnacle, and the all black/grey interior. The center stack looks goofy to me, but I could get accustomed to it. I would love to upgrade, but there is no way I can afford one, thanks to Bidenflation. Not unless I knocked over Lotto for a few million. But I really like Fords since I have driven them for years. I am aware of engine trouble spots, like the front/rear timing chain set up in the late model Explorers. And today I saw a third generation Ford Edge. So gorgeous! If I could afford it, I would trade in my Chevy without batting an eyelash.

Tomorrow, the game of hurry up and wait begins. Ask me to tell you about the time when the fuel pump failed. That was the ultimate in hurry up and wait. When the car is done, I’ll get mom and we’ll drive to the shop and pick up the car. That will a painful time for me, because I’ll be spending a lot of money. Oh well. Been down this road plenty of times. Wish me luck.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading my post. Hopefully I will have good news to report by Friday. Have a good week.

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