FJB-The Dynamic Do-Nothing

I am so sick of Biden that it makes my blood boil. I don’t refer to him as president. He is a dictator and a Communist sell out for life, as well as a despot. Instead of blaming this Salvador Ramos for the shooting, he blames the Republicans and the gun lobby! Doesn’t even offer any condolences to the parents who lost their children! What a sick sub human being he is! It is beyond disgusting!! Every tragedy has to be turned into a political advertisement, which is just as disgusting. I bet this Ramos is one of the migrants that got through our tissue paper thin border, and since Biden wants open borders, technically, the shooting is HIS fault!! I had really bad thoughts about Biden earlier, and I can’t say them here because I would be labeled a racist and a terrorist. And look at Jill Biden, standing in the corner staring off into space. I wish that two legged insect would walk off a cliff or fall through a subway ventilation shaft.

And all these damn elitists have to start flapping their gums about the shooting. Now we have this fucking idiot Rob Reiner that also blames the Republicans for the shooting. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!! No one is listening to you! You have no idea how much I hate these jerkoffs. I’m beyond tired of them.

This idiot wants to repeal the Second Amendment. This is another dipshit who needs to shut the fuck up. I wonder how he would feel if thugs broke into his home with guns pointed at him, and he can’t defend himself. All these damn leftist liberals need to go somewhere else. I’m not listening to their garbage.

I’ll reserve comment on this one. It will go down a dark rabbit hole very quickly, and it will get ugly just as quickly.

Biden is trying to force Americans to drive electric cars, hence the high gas prices. Gas here is $4.79, up 20 cents from yesterday. The absolute cheapest gas here can be found at the Montauk Native gas station. It is too far away from me to visit, and the gas is cheap because the Native Americans that operate it depend on tobacco sales for their revenue. Gas is just a loss leader.

So that’s all I wanted to say. Feel free to post a comment. Thanks for reading my post. Have a good day.

One thought on “FJB-The Dynamic Do-Nothing

  1. When will these dipshit learn that banning guns is not going to correct human behavior. I don’t want to relied of the government for full protection. I don’t even think the government will protect everyone, instead pick and chose who to protect.
    The more power is given to the government the more corrupt government becomes. This has been seen countless times throughout history.


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