Update on my Car

I got my car back yesterday after I left it at the shop for much needed brake work. The initial diagnosis was a stuck caliper, but it was worse than that. The left side caliper was stuck all right, but the right one was dragging. The right side brake hose had split and, was partially melted. It is a miracle I didn’t lose all my brake fluid! So technically, I had no brakes, and I was driving the car like that for over two weeks! I was thinking oh my gods, I had a few guardian angels looking out for me, because if I needed to do a panic stop, I could have rear ended someone, I would have no car, and I would be kicking my own ass for being so stupid. Good thing I don’t drive with my foot to the floor like everyone else does around here. Everything makes sense now. I always wondered about the hesitation, why one wheel had more brake dust than the other, and why the pedal almost went to the floor. And clueless me didn’t even consider looking at my brakes because the car mostly sits during the week except for medical appointments, post office, and library runs. Learn from my experience. If you suspect you have brake problems, get it checked out! Don’t be like me and risk getting into an accident. I got away with a fluke. Next time, it could be a different story.

I had an appointment to do a stress echo this morning and the car ran great. No more steering wheel shimmy. Just smooth as glass, even at 120kms. The brakes do smell, but that will pass after they have been broken in. My car is fun to drive again. Thankfully I was able to afford the repair, but it left me broke. Well, rather be broke and have a car than be broke with no car. Out here, there are no sidewalks, and walking anywhere can be a suicide mission, or an all day affair. I was happy to spend time with mom’s little runabout. She runs good, feels a lot roomier now that I lost a lot of weight, and is economical to drive. What bothers me is that the interval to replace the timing belt is approaching. That is a huge, but necessary expense.

That’s all I have for now. Have a good night.

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