Leftist Logic

As I was reading this article, I’m trying to figure out how can a highway be racist. Then my brain came to a halt. The highway is racist because the pollution affects minority communities? The logic makes no sense. The stupidity literally gives me a headache. I had to take a Tylenol.

I will attempt to break down this ridiculousness so hopefully you can see how the leftist mind works.

Okay, we know what racism is. It can apply to a person, a gathering of people, a demographic, a culture, a state, or a country. No one is immune. I have experienced it many times. How much you experience depends on a variety of factors. Skin colour will always be the number one factor.

A highway is a place, but it is not a organic being that breathes air, gives birth to live young, consumes nourishment and expels waste. You can say a person is racist, you can say a particular place where people gather is racist. But to say a highway is racist makes zero sense because they’re talking about a place where no one lives and a highway is not a person! Or are they saying the homeless people that may live under the highway is racist? Maybe the people who live next to the highway is racist. The logic makes no sense. It is like someone saying that roosters lay eggs, or men can get pregnant. Yes, some leftists will say that to you with a straight face.

Let’s take the leftist logic a little further. Here in New York, there is a area of Manhattan known as DUMBO, which means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It is a minority community, and a mostly a quiet area, except for when the trains cross the bridge. If we were to apply the leftist logic here, then the bridge is racist because the noise of the trains affect the quality of life of the minorities who live there, along with the pollution from the hundreds of cars that use it daily.

How about one more? A leftist would say my bus is racist because it is white, and so am I for promoting white superiority. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? The logic makes absolutely no sense. This is how their minds work. If it doesn’t fit their agenda, it is racist.

I wanted to leave you with this before I sign off. Every day, she proves to WE, THE PEOPLE, just how much of a despicable sub human being she really is. And can we stop calling her First Lady? Asphalt reptile sounds much better. And that guy next to her sitting there like a dope, believing everything she says. Just tear up your membership card to the human race and be done with it.

All right, I’m done ranting. Thanks for reading my post. You know a comment is always welcome. Have a good three day weekend if you’re off on Monday.

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