We Need To Talk about This

Whilst perusing YouTube, I happened upon this video, and it makes me so mad! But before we jump into the fun stuff, let’s me give you a back story.

I have a history with JW’s, and none of it is good. I remember reading those silly Watchtower pamphlets and not paying much attention to all the garbage they were preaching. This was way before I became a Pagan. But anyway, at the old job, I knew a JW by the name of Lydia Franchak. She was the only woman of colour I have ever met that has this incredibly soft and feminine baby doll voice. Words do not do it justice. I was really attracted to her. That was before I learned she was a JW. She was apparently a widow, and I didn’t ask about the husband. He did not seem to be in the picture. We got to talk in between runs, but I never asked her out. Thank the gods for that! She gave me a lamp with a nightlight that I needed for my bedroom. She also gave me another lamp that I needed for my dining room table. My last memory of her was when we were talking and eating watermelon on a hazy, hot and humid morning after our shift. She was dressed in all white and I so wanted to be near her. We did not work together, but we were hanging out in her work van.

Word had gotten back to me that she thought I was one of Satan’s lackeys, or Satanist in my terminology. I should have been mad at that, but I just laughed. At that point, I had been a Pagan for a few years. I never talked about religion with her, or mentioned my religion for that matter. I guess JW’s can recognise other JW’s. I never spoke to her again after that.

Fast forward to 2022. I started getting into podcasts thanks to my friend Melissa. I discovered Scientology: Fair Game hosted by Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. I listened to every single episode, and on one of them, they had a guest by the name of Lloyd Evans, who is an former JW and a whistleblower. and he was talking about all the similarities between Scientology and the Jehovah Witness Church. If you subscribe to Spotify, you can find the podcast and listen to Episode 16.

Then there was the time I received a letter from a JW wanting to visit my place to talk about what I presume to be their deity, and what can he offer me. I paid it no mind. So on a Saturday morning, when I was still sleeping because I was so tired from working all week, there was a knock on my door. From my bedroom window I can see who it is, and it was a strange woman. I quickly guessed that it was the JW who sent me the letter. I look at my clock, and it was not even 8am! Half of me wanted to open the door and tell her to get lost, scram, get stuffed, tek way yuhself. Instead, I ignored it until she went away. And in the video, you would have been that going from door to door to spread the word of Jehovah is a required activity. Thanks to that unwelcome visitor, I was sleepy for the rest of the day.

A few years ago, I had met someone who was into Yahweh. I figured she was another version of a JW. I remember we got together at Starbucks and talked for a few about her religion, but I remained uninterested. She disappeared like a ship in the night. Guess she figured I was not a believer. Heh. She was right. But it seems like Yahweh and Jehovah are somewhat related, as seen here.


I could go on about these rat bastards until my heart stop beating. Thankfully, they don’t come around here on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder what Lydia is up to. Probably still spreading the putrid word of her deity in her baby doll voice to this day. Wish I had known she was a JW because then I would not have wanted to be in her presence. At least I still have the lamps she gave me. I had just moved here, and I needed furniture. My place looked like a drug den. Just a bean bag to sit on, a TV, a bed, and a table. A friend donated a dining room table not long after I moved in.

The poor dictator fall down

As a bonus for putting up with my rants, look what I found. Dictator pudding head had a widdle attident. I hope he was hurt. We’re all hurting thanks to him. Ladies and gentlemen, leftists and elitists, THIS is your president. To the rest of us, this is a dictator? He probably can’t take a leak without falling over.

If you’re still with me, thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcome. Happy Juneteenth, and have a good week.

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