And Another Thing…

A few hours after I went to press, my Patriot friend sent me another profound video. This one is short, but Beck makes his point.

What is this? All of a sudden the LGBTQ community is pushing their sick and twisted agenda’s on us. Inviting children to their shows, grooming them for sex, making them question their gender. The change is already happening. Most companies here are displaying gay pride flag colours. There are pride flags in the lobby of the main office at my company. Thankfully they’re small, but they’re there if you know where to look. So now, being straight is bad, but being gay is trendy? Give me a break! I think they want everyone to be gay, lesbian, or non binary, starting with sexualising children from a young age. I posted previously about a 12 year old drag queen making the rounds. We could see a lot more of them if the gays have their way. Makes me glad that the fourteen year old daughter of a friend is smarter than she looks, and my sister’s nine year old son is a smart apple in his own right. Of course, my sister would say sometimes he’s a smart ass.

You guys know about my gay neighbours Maureen and Erica. I can’t hate them, they’re so sweet. It would be stupid to hate them for being who they are. I don’t see them waving a pride flag around. They probably don’t want to antagonise anyone around here. They’re a different sort. They don’t push their agenda on others. They do their thing, they live life, they love their cats, and I’m dying to hear Maureen play the guitar that hangs on her wall. She teaches children how to swim, and not about being trans. Both of their parents are cool with them. I’m reluctant to ask them for their opinion about pride month, leftists, and the nonsense that Dictator Biden is doing. I don’t want to open a giant can of sandworms.

The stupid is real

Let me get into this for a bit. I agree with the narrator. Back when I was in high school in the mid 1980’s, I did not know anyone in the whole school that was gay or transgender. Everyone is my classes was straight. The girls certainly did not want to be boys, but they knew how to make us guys act like fools by flashing us. Anyone that was suspected of being gay would have been beaten up. None of us guys wanted to be girls because were too busy wanting to become pimps, or to get into the girls locker room after volleyball practice. Thankfully, that never happened. It would have meant being suspended, and my parents would not have been pleased. And we were kinda sorta afraid of our gym teacher, Mr. Sanders. He was a meanie.

So that’s all for now. Thanks for reading another one of my posts. Comments are always welcome. So its back to work I go. No rest for the weary. Have a good day, beautiful people.

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