Roe vs. Wade: The Reaction

Everyone who agrees with the decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade needs to grab their guns because we are now in a state of war with the pro-abortionists.

I saw the reactions from the leftists, the elitists, and lots of Hollywood sub humans and frankly, I was really shocked. Okay, you and I have seen what Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like, and how the leftists act like crybabies when they don’t get their way and resort to violence like BLM and Antifa. But these pro-abortionists took their hatred to the next level. They turned primal. It is like they’re no longer human. If you took a chop saw and cut Godzilla’s tail off, he would be beyond angry and destroy everything in sight. That’s how they’re acting.

They were blowing up Twitter with posts about killing Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas! Look at this:

Remember when that waste of a senator Chuck Schumer made a veiled threat against Brett Kavanaugh? He wasn’t censured, arrested, or even questioned. Anyway, the rage continues against the SC. Here’s more proof:

Its not a human right if you’re not human
Monster Hollywood

American Taliban? Really? How unhinged can these elitists get? First of all, Taliban means “God’s children.” We know the Taliban has carried out terror attacks on U.S. soil. So in a kinda sorta backwards way, conservatives are being labeled as terrorists. That’s what I see, but you may differ. And look at Barbara’s face! Contorted like some unhinged monster. I can read pictures, and I see and feel that her hatred is genuine, and is focused on the SC. There is so much hatred that it scares me. She’s no longer human. Its not just her either. I see that Taylor Swift, Rita Moreno, and the rest of the Hollywood elitists are on board with this. I know at this point, no one care about them. But we’re seeing who they really are, and why should be fawn over them? They’re not like us. Once upon a time, I had a list of celebrities I loved. I have since torn it up. I don’t follow Satan’s lackeys.

This does not surprise me in the least! If anything crooked is going on in her district, chances are her dirty paws are involved somewhere. I can’t tell you just how distressed I am by seeing and feeling all of this primal hatred over abortion. Now all of the SC judges have targets on their backs. I feel frightened for them. And I think about how in music videos in my day, the thug lifestyle was glamourised. Well, these SC judges are living that life now. Pro-abortionists protesting in front of their homes, constant death threats, riding in an armoured limo, having to travel with an armed entourage. I think all of them should consider wearing a bulletproof vest. At some point, one of these crazies will attempt to shoot one of them, and Clarence Thomas is numero uno on the hit list.

I wanted to balance the negativity with positivity. Sometimes I think I focus too much on the bad and not posting enough about the good. Once I’m locked in, I get carried away with it. I have to remind myself that life is a matter of balance. As above, so below.

I came to the realisation that my depression was not about anger turned inward. It was because I was feeling the pain of the planet and the collective emotions. All this hate, all this sadness, all this animosity towards each other. In the 1980’s, I had a vision about some kind of war between the government and the voters. People were fed up and took up arms. That came to fruition unfortunately. I did not foresee a war between the left and the conservatives. But here we are.

I had wanted to post this sooner, but my mobile hot spot was being very naughty. But I thank you for staying with me this far. You can leave a comment if you’re so inclined. Just keep it respectful. WordPress deletes any comment(s) with foul language. Another work week is here so be safe, be strong, and let’s get through it. Stay tuned for the next blog post.

One thought on “Roe vs. Wade: The Reaction

  1. I heard the news that Roe vs. Wade was over turn but, never saw the reaction to it. I should not be surprise that the pro-abortionist will have a melt down and riot.

    The next step forward is for sociality to learn reasonability. I know that going to take a big cultural shaft. Women need to learn that choice starts when you want to have sex or not. To wear portion or not.

    As a women I am ashamed that there are women out there that so shellfish and think that all their problems can simply go away.

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