Roe vs. Wade Part II: More Reactions

My twin flame correctly surmised that there would be a follow up blog. But this is taking longer than I expected. There is so much to say and so much material to read. That Choosing Death video really changed how I see abortion. Everyone needs to see it. But let me finish what I started, plus show you something I saw this morning.

From my experience with Satanists, or my preferred term, Satan’s lackeys, they like to blend in with the masses so no one knows what they are up to. But ever since Roe vs. Wade was struck down, they are revealing themselves and they have no shame. Remember when I was saying in a previous post that the reactions from these pro-abortionists was primal. Like they are not human I will show you what I’m talking about.

I got a laugh when I saw the above post. I never liked her, although I liked two song on her debut album. The last one I listened to is the aptly named You Make Me Sick. But it was a remixed version that is on a party remix CD I have somewhere. So Miss Pink, I am not to listen to your music ever again? No problem! You’re a has-been, and I will never follow someone that is one of Satan’s lackeys.

See ya!

Wow. The reactions just keep coming. I actually love Green Day, but I always thought Billie Joe Armstrong was kinda weird. I guess this is why. So he’s renouncing his USA citizenship and going back across the Pond all because of Roe vs. Wade. From one half Brit to a full Brit, muck off, and get stuffed. I don’t care either way. The funny part is, I want to move to the UK, but for a different reason.

THIS is why these pro-abortionists are acting so primal. Because I guaran-damn-tee that Pink, Maxine Waters, Celine Dion, and the rest of the Hollywood reptiles are members of this sickening church. It is better to reign in hell that to serve in heaven. HA!! Change that to It is better to be a lackey to a underworld being that uses them for his dirty work rather than to be an independent in the overworld. And I see they’re so proud to admit that they have been working with Planned Parenthood. I think they’re a front for this Satanic Temple.

My Patriot friend sent me a video from the Daily Wire called “Choosing Death.” Unfortunately, you must be a subscriber to watch it, but it is so worth it. The video was free to watch over the weekend, so that’s how I was able to see it. It really opened my eyes about Roe vs. Wade and the history of abortion. It was very painful to watch with the images of fetuses, and undercover video footage of a staff member at Planned Parenthood explaining the abortion process and options. There was a clip that illustrated in graphic detail how abortions are performed, and it infuriated me!

THIS IS MURDER! That’s it, PERIOD, end of story!

Its no different from me using a Sawzall to chop off the limbs of my annoying neighbour! I felt so numb that I turned away and only listened to the audio for a few minutes before I resumed watching the video. How can anyone do this to a baby or even a fetus? Now I REALLY hate Pink and her pro-abortion wannabe reptilian cohorts to pieces! And if you watch WWF, TNA Impact, or AEW, you may recognise the wrestler Mickie James. She is apparently on the pro-abortionists side, but her reaction to Roe vs. Wade is more philosophical. But she is not happy with the verdict, and neither are her followers. So okay, I will be unfollowing her too. Reptilians, demons, Satanists, they all walk amongst us and now we know who they are.

The truth about abortion is: we were all lied to. There is nothing in the United States Constitution that says you have the right to an abortion. But for years, that’s what the pro-abortionists, Planned Parenthood, and the Satanic Temple wanted us to think. And like lambs to a slaughterhouse, we went with it. Now that the truth is out, these wannabe baby and fetus killers are raging like the reptilian monsters they really are. Look, its really simple. If you don’t want to have a child, use protection. If he does not want to use a condom, walk away. Simple as that. Or better yet, be celibate until the right man comes along, and circumstances in your life change where you want to have a child.

Oh please, Wanda, no one is listening to you, except for your liberal gay friends. I used to like her. Now she grosses me out like a steaming plate of tripe. Shut your trap and go clean your scales, you reptilian wench!

Watch as this so called abortion activist can’t answer a single question about abortion. I was looking at a still picture of her, and in her eyes, I see no fire, no spark, no nothing. Like she’s a robot that has to be told what to do or say. Skip to the three minute mark when she is prompted with questions.

While I was watching the video, it made me realise that I could have been aborted! Mom was an immigrant when she came to this country. She was pregnant with me, and the father left silently without saying a word before she came to America. The father’s name on my birth certificate is not his real name, but I know his real name. Mom could have had an abortion because she knew I would be fatherless. But here I am. She was working seven days after she found a job as a HHA, so I spent a lot of time with her father in Jamaica because she hated the babysitter. I think she was abusive towards me, but that’s a topic for another day. When I see mom this Saturday, I am going to give her a big hug and thank her for choosing me over death. There are a myriad of reasons why she didn’t have an abortion, but I believe the main reason was that I was the first grandson born in the United States. My cousin Laura was the first granddaughter born in the States. Grandmother loved me to pieces. I was number one in her life; rest her soul.

As I said before, Planned Parenthood is a front for the Satanic Temple. Except that the Planed Parenthood “temple” likes to go into minority neighbourhoods and sell the idea of killing your baby if you don’t want to raise him/her for whatever reason, and make money doing it. No regrets about committing murder. Plus, the doctors did not take the Hippocratic Oath. And which demographic are their biggest customers? Yup, the blacks. You would never see a PP in a rich neighbourhood. But I’m not saying white don’t patronise the place. But look what I found, and why she matters in the abortion debate.

I was looking for the above video since yesterday and I finally found it. Terrence is absolutely right. I can feel the energy emanating from “her” or whatever that is, and its off the scale. That, my friends, is a perfect example of a pro-abortionist. All lives don’t matter to… And I wish the stores would start carrying his pancake mix. I want to try it!

How about one more reaction? I could do this all day.

If you have never read the book The Handmaiden’s Tale, or seen the series on Hulu, handmaidens are strictly for procreation, which takes place during a ceremony. There is no cuddling, kissing, romance, touching, or trashy lingerie. The man gets on top, performs the sex act, and leaves. That’s it. The goal is to get her pregnant and hope that she delivers a healthy baby. The birth involves another ceremony, which really creeps me out. And this handmaiden is threatening a sex embargo against Republicans? Here’s a newsflash: handmaidens are not the best sex partners, or make the best girlfriends. Oh yes, handmaidens usually speak in a hushed voice, lest they be heard by the Eyes, and be punished severely if there is talk of escape. I think Ofwarren and Ofglen would be quite displeased with her.

This is one of the longest posts I have ever written. If you’re still with me and didn’t fall asleep, I thank you. I had a lot to say, and this took a few days to cobble together. I’m exhausted. Comments are always welcome. I should win a Pulitzer Prize for this. But with my luck, I’ll get a Razzie for speaking the truth. Anyway, have a good day, beautiful people.

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