Some Assorted Stuff

I wanted to say that, after all that you have seen going on between the Republicans and the Democrats, if you still plan to vote Democrat, and I don’t know why you would, then I have something to show you.

Fuck the Fourth? Really? This is the kind of hatred the Democrats have consistently shown for America. If they hate it here so much, WHY DON’T THEY LEAVE? And I have one more thing to show you:

I did not take this pic, so I cannot testify as to the authenticity. I snagged it from one of my Facebook groups. This is how the NYC DA’s office works. Seems like anyone can walk in and take a picture of a court documents. But you get the point.

Despite me being half British and experiencing the remnants of British culture when Jamaica gained independence in 1962, I am not mad about the United States gaining independence from England. I celebrate and fly the flag just like everyone else. Except the demon rats of course. They would rather fly the flags of communist countries.

Whilst this story is indeed vile, this Sheila O’Leary does not sit well with me. Is she even human? I see nothing in her eyes, or feel any energy from her. No remorse, anger, sadness, just nothing. The no remorse part is the most troubling. She’s not the first, but it bothers me when I can’t read people. Of course, she’s not the first. I have seen others like her with that same blank state. Is this the future of America? Let me know in the comments.

She was looking at 55 years, and she got only 20? What’s going on here? And what bothers me is that even if she serves the full 20 years, she will go back to child sex trafficking when she gets out. She should have gotten the death penalty. But I see that’s not going to happen. But she may face prison justice. Whilst male inmates do not tolerate child molesters, it goes to a different level in the women’s prison. Several female inmates have children, and when they hear about Ghislaine, she will have a giant bullseye on her back. I bet the warden will put her in solitary. But she still has to mingle with the population when chow time comes. And where’s the list of all these people that she knows? Someone must have it.

And I must end this blog here because my annoying neighbours are doing what they do best, which is drive me crazy when I’m trying to work. If it were up to me, I would knock down their front door and tell them to shaddup and turn off the fucking music! Stay tuned for the next post, and hopefully it will be quieter in here. Happy Fourth to everyone.

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