NY Gun Law and Other Stuff

This new gun law that the Democrats AND Republicans pushed through is absolutely ridiculous!! Basically, you have to give up any sort of privacy to prove that you need a gun. What does your social media account have to do with you wanting to get a gun permit? The amount of bullshit that is in this new law could fill the Empire State Building. But notice there is no talk about taking guns from the criminals. Oh no, they don’t want that. That’s not in their plans. If you want to knock over a few banks for walking around money and you need an untraceable gun, just find the right goon that deals with illegal guns and cross his palm with a few hundred C-notes, and get a gun with the serial number shaved off. But you want to go to the local gun shop, get licensed and get a concealed carry permit, then you’ll be pulling your hair out. Listen, do yourself a favour and go somewhere else. This accursed state is so blue that I’m embarrassed to live here. I Love NY? More like I Hate NY. Yes, that walking potato sack on the left is the demon rat we call Governor. I have a few names I like to call her, like Bride of Dracula.

And here I was thinking that Adams would be better than that Marxist de Blasio. Incorrect. He’s worse. NYC now is like back in the early 1980’s when the crack epidemic hit. People were getting shot left and right. The difference was there was the Guardian Angels patrolling the subways alongside the transit cops and the NYPD was on the job catching these shooters. Now, its every man, woman and child for self. If you have a gun and a bulletproof vest, you’re ahead of the game. And its the same thing in Chicago as shown on the bottom. So what have we learned? Democrats put criminals first, and WE, THE PEOPLE, last. Why can’t this rat bastard walk on a loose subway grate? Accidents happen. Ooops.


One of my Patriot friends in Florida posted a picture of herself holding a rifle. Then a vision came to me. She could do a calendar with an American Patriot theme to it since she’s pro 2A. Of course, I don’t expect her to drop everything and go have professional photos using different themes based on the month.

I wanted to know which Republicans sold out to the demon rats to get this bullshit gun law passed. Ask for, and ye shall receive:


Meanwhile, the Dictator for Life is selling out our country to China. Look at this:

You can leave me a comment about it, but I’m not saying anything because this blog will turn into the most offensive, most expletive laced rant ever. Before I go, let me mention one thing for those of you who have watched 2000 Mules.

Guillermina Fuentes, 56, pleaded guilty in an Arizona court for illegal ballot harvesting.

I bet you saw that coming, right? Let’s see if she gets any jail time. So I’m out of here, stay safe, be strong, and have a good evening.

One thought on “NY Gun Law and Other Stuff

  1. I am speechless with what the US is coming to. The one thing I will say is a big let’s go Brandon!
    Everyone that voted for Biden should be regretting it by now.


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