Insanity In an Insane World

Okay, so some of you may have heard of a late night snore fest called Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. I would watch a few minutes of it to hear what the blonde woman in blue jeans had to say, then change the channel because I was becoming bored stiff. Well, who knew that this woman was so anti abortion and so Leftist! Watch the short clip below:

If you’re interested in seeing the whole video, here it is. Her sickening comments are towards the end of the show. Viewer discretion is advised if you’re against abortion like me.

I was reading some of the comments, and the vile hatred towards those of us who oppose abortion is disgusting. We really are their enemy, and they will stop at nothing to have the right to murder babies.

So here is Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren railing against crisis pregnancy centers. She really is a despicable sub human being.

Allow me to share something that really, REALLY annoys me. These pro-abortionists seek to claim their right to have an abortion at all cost, BUT, they also want to take away the right for a woman to go to a crisis pregnancy centre if she finds out she is with child and seeks guidance. So in their warped minds, if you don’t want your baby, then kill it. Never mind giving a childless couple a chance to adopt the child. I guess not having sex in the first place, OR using birth control does not work with their agenda.

When my friend Brenda became pregnant with her first child, she was broke, living with her boyfriend, didn’t know what to do, or how she would raise this baby. This is a situation where a pregnancy crisis centre would be of help. Thankfully, she raised her daughter against all odds, and and went on to have two sons. It was a struggle since she did not have a steady income, but she did it. Sadly, her and the daughter are no longer on speaking terms.

Meanwhile, this air head who fancies herself as a law professor thinks men can get pregnant. Watch this video, then I’ll attempt to explain her stupid theory.

Okay, let’s see if I can help you to make sense out of what she is saying.

I believe she is talking about female to male (FTM) trans men. They get their breasts removed, they get testosterone injections to give them body hair and deepen the voice, and they dress as males. But guess what? They still have their ovaries and Fallopian tubes. Those who are in a relationship usually want children, so “he” gets pregnant via a donor, and that gives the illusion that men can get pregnant.

My question is, if these trans men REALLY want to be men, then why not have a hysterectomy? Most of them don’t have, or don’t want the operation. That means technically, they’re still females. But these Leftists want you to believe a trans man can carry a baby. Bullshit. Only way I’m carrying a baby is either in my arms, in front of me in a harness, or on my back. Females get pregnant. I’m here because mom was carrying me in her womb for nine months. And for saying that men cannot get pregnant, I would be labeled as being transphobic. So what? I have been called worse! I can blame that socialist frenemy Sophie for that. She used that word like it was the only one she knew.

So what have we learned? If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well…. ITS A DUCK! And listen to this clip I found:

You guys, I don’t know anymore. I am SO TIRED of all the ridiculous nonsense from the Democrats, liberals, Marxists, elitists, et al. I’m tired of it. We have become a simple minded nation. How many of us can still tell the difference between a ventilation shaft and a hole in the ground? Someone stop the planet so I can jump off. Or put me in a strait jacket because this crap makes me crazy! This is why I don’t watch mainstream media anymore. It is nothing but leftist garbage. Oh yeah, and speaking of garbage:

The Marxist clown prince of PUTRID is no longer running for governor. The sap realised that he has no chance in Tartarus of winning because my man, Lee Zeldin is the front runner for our next governor, so he bailed out. Good move, Blasey. WE, THE PEOPLE, don’t like you, or your Marxist views. And we can see that you’re as clueless as a cat in a dog pound.

I’ll let you guys take this one. Once again, I cannot get past the Leftist logic. When I watch this video, my brain skids to a stop. You tell me what you think. And that’s all for today. Thanks for hanging with me this far. Stay tuned for the next one. Have interesting news to share. Have a wonderful day/night.

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