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I wanted to share a few posts that my Patriot friend shared with me. The first two from American Thinker are very well written. I’m almost jealous that I can’t write like that. But if I’m pissed off enough, I could have a go at it.

The second one answers the question as to why the Left seems to favour violence, be soft on crime, and refuse to prosecute criminals. But I’ll take it one step further. How many of these Leftists who favour this authoritarian style of government are also lackeys of the Satanic Church? Yeah I know, that’s way out there, but knowing what I know, it is not so far fetched.

My Patriot friend, who happens to be part Mexican, and I were talking about the remark made by this gringa about Hispanics being as “unique as breakfast tacos.” That makes me laugh because any Mexican will tell you there is no such thing as a breakfast taco! Also, making a fresh taco involves a lot of work; and that’s not something you will be willing to do in the morning when you are still experiencing sleep inertia. And to make it worse, she mispronounced the word “bodega.” I bet she has never seen one. Pure admiration and love for the Latino community. Bullshit. She’s pandering to them. Remember when Hillary was carrying hot sauce in her purse? That’s because she knows Black people like to put it on everything. I’m probably the exception since I like adobo con sazon and duck sauce on everything. She was pandering to us also. Look at this video:

This article is a long read, but it is worth it. There are many red flags. I strongly suspected there is no 10 year year old rape victim, but then, look what I found:

Even after showing her this, my PF refuses to take it at face value. The original story was not verified when it went to press. And all of a sudden they have a suspect? Was a rape kit used to gather evidence Where’s the police report? I would like to see video of him being arraigned on the charges. There is a number of unanswered questions. Meanwhile, I’m not discarding my PF’s concerns, but I will note it. She hasn’t been wrong yet.

Okay, I wanted to get this off my chest.

Every good journalist verifies his or her source(s) before going to press. When I wrote my paper on the history of the typewriter during finals week, it had to be done in a ADA format. I can assure you, it was NOT easy, because I had to adhere to the format if I wanted to get a passing grade and graduate. I also needed to cite my sources. That was a lot of work. It paid off because I graduated with an Associates degree. It irritates me how proper journalism seems to have gone by the wayside. People are writing garbage articles without checking the source first. Mostly those writers who work for a woke daily, like The Washington Post. I’m guilty of writing a few garbage articles, but at least I delete them, learn from the mistake, and write a better one. If I talk about it, I’ll post a link so you can see it for yourself.

I remember many moons ago when I didn’t feel any affinity for the American flag, or the Jamaican flag for that matter. The American flag made me uncomfortable. I was a young adult suffering from undiagnosed depression. Always teased in school for my quirky fashion sense. I wasn’t living. I was just going through the motions. I signed up with an organisation where we worked on projects in the NYC area. I was a member of a team where everyone was from different walks of life. Marcia (MAR-see-uh) was from the UK, Ivette, Helen, Maria and Alex were from Puerto Rico, Chetwin was from the South, Sheldon was like a black William Shakespeare, Faye was a lesbian who was my best friend, Lolita burned easily in the sun because she was an albino, and Tabitha was a smartass from the Bronx. Somehow, we all because friends. I gained a sense of unity and purpose as we toiled away inside parks in the broiling sun. It didn’t cure my depression, but I started to appreciate the American flag and what it represents. By the time I left one year later, it didn’t make me uncomfortable any more. Fast forward to the present. I love to see it wave because it represents freedom. I want to put a flag in my car window. Should have thought of that before I had the windows tinted. Drat the luck.

As for the woman in the video, she can either leave, or face her fears. Why does it make her uncomfortable? I have seen plenty of pickups and cars with the American flag flying. We need unity because with Leftists, Democrats, and elitists hell bent on destroying the country, WE, THE PEOPLE need to rise up and stand against them. Because all we have are each other.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for staying with me until the end. Feel free to leave a comment. Stay tuned for the next post. The wheels upstairs are turning at all times. Heh, no wonder I have insomnia. Have a good day, or a good night, depending on which region you are located.

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