Locker Room Lunacy

Today on the Introvert Soapbox, I’ll talk about a girls volleyball team that has been banned from their locker room except for one “girl;” I’ll show you a video that at first glance looks to be satirical in nature, but it is not; we’ll catch up with Prager U frontwoman Amala, and I’ll cover odds and ends. So stick around and see what’s on my mind. While you do that, check out the article below.

So let me get this straight. This girls volleyball team has a male that identifies as a female on their team. He made an inappropriate comment to one of the girls in the locker room, they complained to the school faculty, and now he gets the locker room to himself whilst the girls have to change in the stall of the girls bathroom. And to top it off, the school wants to investigate whether the team violated the school policy of harassment, bullying and hazing.

What we have here is another example of the lunacy that is affecting schools everywhere. It seems like the entire school faculty is woke. There’s no other way to explain this ridiculous nonsense. They’re going out of their way to protect this MTF teen at all cost, whilst violating the civil rights of the volleyball team by banning them from the locker room. That’s the attitude I see from the school. We know he should be the one that should change in the boys bathroom, but then again, the girls would be accused of hatred toward the gay community and get kicked out of school.

So let’s get to this video I wanted to show you.

If you watched this video without the talk up from Candace, you would think this is a sketch from Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. I miss that show. Alex Borstein as Miss Swann, and Nicole Sullivan as the Vancome Lady made me bust a few seams laughing.

But I better finish my thought. I always get side tracked.

I do not know of any women who goes prancing in the woods wearing clogs, drinking coconut water, and being scared of dragonflies. He is acting more like a sissy. I laughed when he fell and wanted to leave. Poor baby. I guess he needs to take a lesson from women about how to run in heels. It is a matter of balance, Miss Anita FAKER! Here’s a thought: stay away from Jimmy Choo shoes. Let the real women wear them.

I loathe Dr. Phil. I do not like him at all. But on a recent episode, Amala made an appearance to talk to Leftists. Let’s see what she had to say.

I am so tired of hearing about cultural appropriation. Don’t do this, you shouldn’t do that. Shut up! These damn Leftists sound like dictators. The dreadlocked professor talks much, but says nothing. My white friend has worn corn rows before and no one said anything. My biracial cousin has worn braids and no one cared. There are women of colour in the hood who have blonde, purple, or red hair. No one gives them any grief about it. These Leftists can shut their pie holes because we’re not listening.

I watched a video of Amala reading mean tweets. This one is worth sharing. So much hatred is directed toward her and Prager U. But all I can do is chuckle and giggle.

I’m not even offended by the hate. I just think these tweets are funny. According to these tweets, their lies and garbage are the truth, and whatever Amala says is propaganda. How sad and unfulfilling their lives must be. They must go through life hating everything. I used to be that person, but for a different reason. These are the cretins that vote Democrat and contribute to BLM and Antifa. Sheeple that believe everything they say, and not bothering to research the truth. I find it interesting that no one has called Amala a sell out for becoming a conservative, or for being the token black girl. At least Sharon Osbourne is waking up. She agrees with Kanye that BLM is a scam, and kindly asks for her donation back.

In a previous post, I talked about the lack of dustcarts in Jamaica that are causing garbage collection woes. Seems like Gordon finally got off his arse and did something. Look here:

Its a start

If you have a Paypal account, you should consider deleting it. I’ll let Candace Owens tell you why.

Finally, I wanted to apologise for the delay in publishing this post. There was a internet outage for a few days this week. It is finally up and running. I used the time to make a few last minute edits.

So that will do it for me. For those of you who have three days off, I hope you enjoy it, and for those of you who work the weekends and holidays, I know of your pain. Thanks for staying with me until the end, and you know comments are welcome. Have a good day/evening/night.

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