Boy, Was Their Face Red

In today’s edition of the Soapbox, I’ll talk about why you may want to hold off on that new Tesla if you live in a coastal state, PayPal claims to have made an “error” in response to their false information policy update, Democrats doing what they do best, and McDonald’s adds a new twist to an old menu item So stick around and see what’s on my mind.

I was watching a clip of firefighters attempting to bring a Tesla fire under control, but the fire would continually reignite, despite the gallons upon gallons of water being poured on it as shown below.

But wait. Using water on an electrical fire? That goes against what I learned in high school electrical shop. Maybe it has to do with the batteries being located under the floor and encased in titanium. There is also a 12 volt battery located in the front of the vehicle which I assume is for lights and maintaining computer memory. Water is a conductor of electricity. If you don’t believe me, imagine that you’re standing in a pool full of water, and I drop in a plugged in appliance. You would be electrocuted in seconds. Let’s hope that does not happen to you. Adding salt to water turns it into an electrolyte, which is a better conductor of electricity. Human bodies contain electrolytes to support our bodily functions. Without it, we would cease to exist.

I believe every new electric vehicle should be equipped with a Halon fire suppression system. Of course, it will increase the MSRP, but can you really put a price on your safety? How about the safety of your loved ones? I would pay the extra price. But in the meantime, as much as I like the thought of not having to stop at a gas station except for snacks, I’ll stay with my trusty, gas burning Chevy truck.

Previously on the Soapbox, I shared a video from Candace Owens about PayPal’s intention to fine users for spreading false information on social media. Looks like they were not expecting the intense pushback, so they’re now rescinding that policy with their tail between their legs. I love when the hammer comes down on these woke companies. And I hate the word “misinformation.” Gives me flashbacks of reading 1984.

I happened upon this article, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least. It is one of the many reasons why I left the Democratic Party. I already knew that they intend to lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever underhanded deed is necessary to stay in power.

I am aware of former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard leaving the Democratic Party, but I’m not celebrating just yet. She does not seem to be in a hurry to join the ranks of the Republicans or the Conservatives. Her speech about the demon rats is on point. I don’t think she is a woke Democrat that supports open borders, being tissue paper soft on crime, and hopefully is against BLM and Antifa. My Patriot friend hates her to pieces, and I don’t know much about her. But I watch with a cautious eye as to her next move. If she goes to the Republican camp, I would brand her as a Republican In Name Only or a RINO.

So McDonalds has introduced a Happy Meal for adults, and I can’t help but think that there are third world countries that are laughing and pointing fingers at us. The great United States of America, home of the free because of the brave. Now its more like home of the cry babies because of Leftists. Shameful.

I don’t think I have ever had a Happy Meal, but I remember Grimace and Hamburglar. Last time I checked, they did not have four eyes. And I remember being called four eyes in school. Shoulda laid out the creeps that dared to say it to my face. My Patriot friend thinks there is some significance to it. I love horror, but a four eyed toy is unsettling and creepy to me. The following article explains it, but I’m not satisfied.

It makes me wonder if we are turning into a nation of special needs adults. These Leftist adults want us to reaffirm their gender by using preferred pronouns, and if we don’t, they fall apart like a deck of cards. Screaming, crying, being total drama queens. Now they need adult Happy Meals with a free four eyed toy to get them through the day. I only need my Spotify playlist to keep me happy. All I can say is that in the coming years, there will be an increased demand for therapists, counselors, case managers and peer bridgers. Only a few years ago when I was working at PPC before all of this woke nonsense happened, the case managers were already overloaded. Some had either left or retired, and they were not being replaced. I could easily go back to being a bridger, but that job was very stressful. I don’t miss it at all.

So that will do it for me. Thanks for hanging out. If you agree or disagree with anything, comments are always welcome. Just keep it respectful. As always, have a good day/evening/night.

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