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Kim K. shows her loyalty to familiar sub humans; “hungry” protestors at Matt Walsh’s appearance at the University of Wisconsin; an infamous member of royalty feels objectified; and the gay community has finally reached their zenith. So let’s get into this sordid mess. But you might need a shot of tequila for the last part.

I read somewhere that the Kardashians are close with the Clintons, and I didn’t doubt it for a minute. Then I saw the above post and I was not surprised. This is the same woman who made a porno movie with the assist and blessings from her mother Kris Jenner, then had the temerity to play victim. I hate to take it there, but I wonder if she has been to Epstein Island. She’s rich enough to have a private jet. We may never know. No wonder I never liked her. So Kim seems to be fine with the whole Benghazi scandal and Hillary deleting incriminating emails. And in case you forgot about Benghazi, look below.

So once again, we will take a ride down Markle Road to address her complaint that she felt objectified during her stint on the game show Deal or No Deal. I really want to like her, but she’s not giving me any reason to change my mind. I was talking about this with my Patriot friend, and she says that Harry is cuckolded.

Wait, what? Cuckolded? Is she serious?

Before you laugh, she has a point. Harry could easily tell her to stop with the acting like a victim foolishness and grow up. But he seems to be the one that wears the panties in this relationship because he hasn’t said anything related to that. Whatever she wants to do, he goes along with it and doesn’t say a word. Talk about a henpecked husband.

I have never watched the game show, but I’m guessing that at some point, the contestant will be given the choice of continuing with the game, or taking the deal that is in the suitcase. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, Meg was hired as a suitcase assistant. I’m sure the producers explained to her what the job entails. Having to take promo shots would be in the job description, and she still felt like a bimbo.

Maybe she should have talked to Vanna White first.

Caryn Johnson, better known as Whoopi Goldberg, went into a Markle diatribe, and I actually agree with Whoopi. It is a sad day when I agree with a ranting Leftist. When you want to get into acting, you take whatever gig you can get. You may not like it, but it pays the bills. Beggars can’t be choosers. Meanwhile, after a hiatus to pay her respects for the dearly departed Queen Mum, Meg’s podcast Archetypes has returned to Spotify. I have lost interest after listening to the first three episodes. I have grown annoyed with her droning. But I am interested in Tulsi Gabbard’s new podcast. Hopefully she does not drone on about her accomplishments.


I listen to Matt Walsh at work. I saw a clip of him speaking before a crowd on YouTube, and I liked what he had to say. I find his humour to be very dry. The king of deadpan. I blame my Patriot friend for turning me on to podcasts because sometimes I get behind and have to play catch up. The other day I was listening to him talking about his appearance at the University of Wisconsin for a screening of his film What is a Woman and of course, wherever he goes, the “children” show up to protest. Let me share this article from Daily Wire, and see if you notice anything unusual.


If you think I’m talking about Bibles being torn up and the pages consumed by the protestors, you’re absolutely correct. The only people I know that would do that are Satanists. Makes me wonder if evil is taking over the planet. We’re halfway there. Kids being present at a drag queen show, paedophiles being referred to as minor attracted people, porn being allowed in schools, and our border being overrun by the unwashed masses. Then we have this:


Wow. Really? I suppose he is also a fascist and a big fat stupid head. He has been called worse. I wonder if Deez Nuts know that the word “Nazi” is a contraction for National Socialist? But we are dealing with infantile minds here, so I would say no. I just got a flashback from the riots in Seattle, and I distinctly remember someone had wrote on a wall:


Then there is the woke protestor with her diatribe about white people being racist. Now let’s take a deeper look at this. If all whites are racist, then I should only talk to my black family members, and give the finger to the white ones, right? But what if some of them are biracial? Can I talk to them or not? What about my nurse friend who gifted me a Keurig, and who does not have a racist bone in her body. Should I ghost her for being white?

You guys already know the answer: OF COURSE NOT!! And since when do I listen to a bunch of unhinged children who could not tell the difference between a shovel and a hole in the ground.

Okay, so let’s move on to this disturbing video I saw, courtesy of the Hodgetwins. The wannabe women community has done some weird stuff before, but this time, they should get the Razzie and a banana creme pie in the face so we can point and laugh. Watch this video, IF you dare.

Mocking women is bad enough. Now they want to totally replace them. Right now, my brain is at a standstill because it cannot comprehend the logic of this butt baby concept. It always seems to happen when I attempt to analyze Leftist logic.

Wait a minute. Something is happening. I think all systems are back online. What a relief. I almost became catatonic. All right then, let’s keep moving.

These trans women seem to acknowledge that they will NEVER, EVER be able to give birth to a live baby; thank the gods. Instead, the purpose of this ridiculous nonsense is for them to feel what it is like to give birth. I bet Dylan Mulvaney will be first in line to order his butt baby since he wants to be a mother someday.

Oh my gods, I’m talking like a Leftist. HELP!!

I’ll say one thing. If Dylan dares to put this butt baby in his rectum to experience the joy and pain of childbirth, he better have a proctologist on speed dial, because something bad will happen. I know what it is, but let’s not go there with it.

So that will do it for me. If you like this post, please hit that like button. It keeps more content coming your way, and it tells me if I’m doing a good job, or if I should quit while I’m behind. Be safe, be strong, be you. Have a good day/night/evening.

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