Erase Racism

Coming up on the Soapbox:

A derogatory term(s) for the black community as seen from another angle; a woke coffee shop becomes a victim of its own wokeness, and Democrats ask for forgiveness. So have a seat, and let’s get into this.

Unless you have been living under a pile of rocks, I’m sure you have heard all the racist names for black people. The N word is the most popular, along with apes, monkeys, and gorillas, yet we continue to refer to our black friends as “n***as.” Some of us unknowingly play into the stereotype that we’re uneducated and stupid. My friends were always homies home slice. Never the N word. At least I wasn’t that stupid. One reason why some of us are lacking in knowledge because most of us came from homes without a father. I never knew my dad, and I dropped out of high school. Years later, I earned my GED, and graduated college.

We’re referred to as ugly and dumb humans by the racists because some of us have the broad flat nose like the primates have. I always thought I had a tiny nose along with tiny ears.

These racists seems to have forgotten that primates are very strong. I remember a video of a woman whose wrist was grabbed by an orangutan and did not want to let go. Here’s the video:

Then I was thinking about the woman whose face was torn off by a chimpanzee and was rendered permanently blind. See for yourself in the article below.

By racists calling us monkeys and gorillas, they may be saying that some of us are ugly, but I see as acknowledgment that blacks are as strong as primates, and we can be victorious in hand to hand combat. I understand that not all blacks will feel the way I do. This is just how I see it. Unfortunately, all that does not apply when the victim is a child, as shown below. My white friend Brenda loves black history, and wants to do the Selma March. The story of Emmett Till breaks her heart.

Meanwhile, this could be the feel good story of the week. A coffee show owned and operated by trans people of colour gets owned by woke employees after complaining that other coffee shops are not doing enough to protect their black and MTF/FTM employees. I bet Tucker Carlson would be a giggle box if he saw this. This proves that even if you bend over backwards to meet their asinine demands, it will NEVER be enough. Go woke. go broke. Or close down in this case.

If you have children in public or middle school, you need to read the following article.

Would you believe that the Democrats are “sorry” for the lockdowns and the closing of schools, and now they are asking for forgiveness? They were just following orders and begging us to trust the science. We knew the science was wrong; it did not make sense; we told them that, but we were censored and/or banned from social media for speaking the truth.

NO, we will not forget about all that because due to the lockdowns and schools being closed, reading levels are dropped to all time lows. I will not forget being laid off in 2020. It is easy for us to say we will never forgive them for what they have done. But I will tell you why we should.

The process of forgiveness starts with the person admitting to a fault at his/her own will, explaining their reasoning for endorsing said fault, acknowledging that it was wrong, promising to either not repeat it, or learn the lesson, then asking humbly for forgiveness.

Not these Democrats. We didn’t know! We’re sorry! Please, can’t you let this go? We’re all humans here. Um, no we’re not! We on the side of truth are humans. Democrats are Reptilians.

Forgiveness does not mean that we’ll forget about it. It means that we’re letting go of the hatred we have for them because to carry that kind of pain in your heart serves no purpose. If we hang on to that pain long enough, we turn into them. Cold, unfeeling, not willing to listen to reason.

For years, I carried hatred in my heart for my abuser, Nelson Kowlessar. One day, I got tired of letting the pain control me, so I forgave him, and myself for letting it turn me into an unfeeling monster. Now, it no longer bothers me. I don’t think of him unless I want to.

So I ask you to forgive them, so the pain does not control you and turn you into something your friends and family do not know. If you’re not ready to do that, I understand. It is a process.

I will say this: My mom got the shot and she had a booster. If she dies due to complications from those so called vaccines, then the demon rats better brace for a firestorm, because I will be coming after them with a fury that will not be rivaled by either human, or animal.

So that will do it for me. If you like this post, please hit the like button. It gives me an incentive to keep posting. Remember to get out and vote this Tuesday. Staying home is a vote for the Democrats. Don’t let them bring down humanity and America! Don’t let them turn your kids into Marxist revolutionaries! VOTE RED! Have a good night/day/evening.

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