The Not so Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Today on this edition of the Soapbox: My reaction to the election, and why Zeldin lost; my princess is not feeling well; and another set back for the old gray mare. So have a seat and let’s get into this.

I was angry, saddened, and disappointed with the results of the election. As I was standing at the machine casting my vote, I noticed that the total votes at the time was only 95, and I was number 96. That was foreboding; given that I live in a big apartment complex that is near the polling centre. A few people in my district showed up after I voted. The woman in front of me in the line was in my district. I wanted to ask her out. I thought she was cute. But there’s a time and a place for everything. It was after 9am, so perhaps more people would show up after work. That did not happen. Most of the Republican and Independent voters stayed home.

Believe it or not, NY is mostly a red state. Out of 62 counties, only eight are blue, such as Erie County, which is the home of our iron fisted Governor Hocul, Monroe County, Onondaga, and Albany. The NYC area that encompasses Kings, Queens, New York, and Bronx Cross Counties are also blue, but Staten Island is all red. So how in the name of Isis did Zeldin lose? Blame unmarried women and the blue NYC voters.

I was getting all the flyers from the Democratic party, and they all described Zeldin as a “D.C. extremist” who was anti abortion. That’s all they had. And these unmarried women went for it along with a few unmarried men. The same was said about Andrew Garbarino for Congress, who is also anti abortion. I was getting tired of seeing these flyer. They were all the same. Only one flyer favouring the GOP came in the mail.

To put this in perspective, unmarried women are more concerned with having the option to kill their unborn child rather than be concerned about crime, inflation, the economy, or the wild idea of using contraceptives OR keeping your legs closed. So, to these NYC women who voted to keep that Democrat tyrant Hochul in power: you better not open your mouth about crime, inflation, or the possibility of having to wear face diapers again. Shut your trap, because I will give you the finger and walk away.

My daughter messaged me last week from the hospital. She was very sick, and doctors did not know what was wrong with her. I thought that was weird. I asked her to describe her symptoms. She was coughing and bringing up lots of mucus, had the chills, fatigue, dizziness, malaise, but no fever. So I ruled out the flu, and COVID. The fact that she had a productive cough implied that her lungs were inflamed. I was on the right track. She has pneumonia. So the hospital not only dropped the ball, it rolled away from them. I have a theory that might explain the missed diagnosis, but I don’t want to say what it is because I was not there, and I have no proof.

I bought a vaporiser and Emergen-C that I will send to her this week. I hate to see my enterprising daughter suffer so much. My task is finding a priority mail box big enough for the vaporiser. I have a box here I can use, but it will cost more money since I would not be paying the flat rate. I’ll get it done this week.

Finally, old age has caught up to my truck. I replaced the headlight assembly on Thursday, but now one of the connectors for the side marker was extremely corroded. I bought a replacement yesterday, and I can have a guy I know install it. Electrical work is not my area of expertise. I also replaced the battery, and it was a good thing I had someone else do it. The PCM needs a 12 volt input through the diagnostic port so it doesn’t lose memory when the battery is disconnected. I spent way too much money getting this done. The new battery plus the new marker light cost me over $200; even after they took off the core charge. That is inflation at work. This is what these Democratic women voted for.

You know, it was a good thing I replaced the headlight. Indeed, I could see the moisture on the lens, but as I was carrying it to the dump box, I could hear water sloshing around. Maybe new headlights should have a tiny drain hole in case water gets in. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, I await Hocul’s next move, which may come sometime around Thanksgiving when the face diaper mandates return.

That’s all I have for today. If you like this post, please hit that like button. It encourages me to keep new content coming. Queen Stinky likes to rule over us peasants with her crown and iron fist. I’ll sell both of them for scrap iron. Have a good day/night/evening.


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