Election Day 2022

Today is the day WE, THE PEOPLE get to choose who will represent us in political office. I sincerely hope that you will make your voice heard. Sitting this election out is not an option! The future of America depends on each and every one of us. I already cast my vote this morning, and I got lucky because I can now walk to my polling centre rather than drive. It was a decent turnout, and the line moved quickly. I was in an out in under 45 minutes. Good thing I was able to walk there because the parking lot is smaller than my old polling centre, and it was packed solid.

I expect the race between Zeldin and Hocul to be extremely close, but I am convinced he will win; barring any cheating from the demon rats, and that’s already going on in Arizona. During my travels today, I saw a house with a Hocul/Delgato sign on the lawn. I wanted to throw eggs at that house so bad. How about anyone support those dynamic do nothings is beyond my comprehension. I also saw a mobile billboard promoting Hocul and that dimwit Biden! That’s all they can do? What a laugher. They will never, ever, EVER get my vote after the way they ruined this once great nation. Now we’re the joke of the planet.

If you haven’t voted yet, the polls close at 9pm. Please vote. Otherwise, you have no right to complain about inflation, the economy, and our children being indoctrinated and turned into Marxist revolutionaries. I will not let the Democrats dance on the ruins of liberty, free speech, and freedom.

Will you?

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