V is for Vendetta

I thought this past Wednesday, the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, would be a easy day for me since most of the annoying cheese buses were not running. They always find a way to mess up my schedule. I thought traffic would be lighter than usual and I would have little to no headaches. Just get the work done so I can go home and enjoy the four day weekend.

As usual, the sub human drivers I deal with every day had other ideas.

The Jeep in the featured picture kept honking at me as I was waiting for traffic to clear so I can complete a right turn. I don’t like to cut people off. I make my turn and this idiot pulls up next to me looking for a fight. But I didn’t give it to him. I had the visor blocking the left side of my face, and I sat a little higher in the seat. He stayed next to me for a few seconds, then sped away. Believe me, I wanted to run the impatient rat bastard over. I snapped the pic a second before he took off.

I was seething whilst on my layover until time to make my first pickup. I thought that would be the end of it. The day is already ruined. Who else is going to make my morning worse?

That dishonour went to a driver from Winters Brothers, a local private sanitation hauler.

After I make the first pickup, I made the right turn and was going to make another right at the end of the road. Before exiting the cul-de-sac, I had noticed a truck waiting at the light but it was way down the road so I thought it was okay to go.

Not a chance!

I looked in my rear view mirror and this roll was approaching at a high rate of speed to cut me off at the junction. I already knew what he was going to do since that always happens to me. The right side duals of his truck hit the curb when he was making the turn and he could have put the truck on its side, but it had an empty dump box. I don’t like any of the private haulers out here. Maggio Sanitation is another local hauler that I hate to PIECES! I told my boss, and she called Winters Brothers to complain. I didn’t get the fleet number of the truck, but I saw where it was going. So that was my Wednesday morning. I was very upset for the rest of the day.

This is why I HATE the day before a holiday. Something takes over, and people turn into sub humans with no respect, or honour for other drivers. I do what I can to stay away from them, but I can’t avoid every single monster I encounter. My concern is to protect my passengers from harm, and my bus from not being turned into a smoking wreck. I posted the pic on Facebook, and everything thinks its funny. It shows me how many soulless friends I have and how many narcissists reside on this planet. Most of them I don’t talk to, so its all good in the hood. That’s all I have to say about it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, and thanks for reading. Have a good evening/day/night.


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