In A Dark Mirror

Coming up on today’s edition of the Introvert Soapbox:

The prodigal daughter of Italy gets crucified on social media for her latest tweet, Kim K speaks up for a demonic fashion house after a six day long silence; and another tool for the Left was made fun of on social media for her Twitter poll. So let’s get into this.

I used to love Alyssa Milano. Even had a crush on her. And I have never seen the show Charmed, even though I know a few witches. I also love actress Sofia Milos. Now that’s an Italian woman! Just listening to her talk in Italian makes me feel like I’m on a date with her at a restaurant in Venice sipping on espresso and listening to Italian music.

But when Alyssa talks, I get an instant headache because anything she says makes no sense. Case in point:

Now let me get this straight. Is she fighting white supremacy by embracing National Socialism? Or is she “punishing” Elon by trading in her Tesla for an EV? You make the call. I gave back my Tesla. I bought the VW ev. I love it. Yeah, right. I’m not convinced. But in the meantime, here’s a short history lesson for this history challenged so and so…..and so.

Hitler wanted a car that was affordable for everyone and easy to maintain. The designer was none other than Ferdinand Porsche, who was born in the Czech Republic. I always thought he was German. Eh. And thus, the people’s car was born. But you know it by the more common German name Volkswagen.

Okay, so lets get to the elephant in the room, which is the Satanic fashion house whose name I will never, EVER, say. As I was performing research for this blog, I came across an article that has me beyond pissed!! Unfortunately, I cannot post the article from, but you can read it on their site should you find it. The headline is as follows:

CEO of Balenciaga Parent Company Owns Auction Site that Sells Child Sex Mannequins With Genitalia For Faces.

The so called child sex mannequins are disturbing to say the least. More like horrifying! The dismembered body hanging from a tree limb was the last straw for me. Has all of Hollywood sold out to Satan? Yes, I believe they have! Here’s what my Patriot friend shared with me today. Viewer discretion and a barf bag is advised.

I was listening to Candace Owens talk about this exact topic on my way home, and she was on fire! As I was watching the video, I needed the dragon on my trinket box cover to ground me. I was really uncomfortable looking at it. Don’t watch it if you can’t stand it. There is lots of Satanic stuff. But I post it because I want you to see what is going on in Hollywood. Speaking of which, the silence is deafening! Aside from Kim K, Not one celebrity spoke out on this. I always hated Nicole Kidman because there is something creepy about her that I could not put my finger on. Well, I figured out that she supports child porn and other Satanic stuff. Yeah, that will do it. She’s such a creep show in heels. I used to love Salma Hayek, but not any more. Her husband is the CEO of the Satanic fashion house’s parent company, and they own an auction site that features the child sex mannequins. I saw the mannequins, and I am so disgusted that words escape me. She has not said anything about this. Is she one of Satan’s lackey’s also? I guess she forgot what happened to Jayne Mansfield, who was a guest at one of Anton LeVay’s Satanic parties because she sold out for fame and fortune. At some point, Satan will say time’s up, slave! Come forth and serve your master! Then they will realise this is not what they signed up for.

After six days, Kim K. finally makes a statement about that demon worshipping fashion house. If that was an apology, it was as weak as watered down concrete. She wants to reevaluate her relationship with the company.


What is there to reevaluate, you sick wench? This is the same person that made the sex tape with Brandy Norwood’s brother Ray J, then portrayed herself as a victim, when it was her mother Kris Jenner’s idea to make the tape! She knows that if she cuts ties with that Satanic company, she will lose a few zeros from her net worth and have a target on her back from the Leftists and the rest of paedophile and Satanic Hollywood. We know you’re not turning your back on them. That makes you as bad, or even worse then they are! I wonder who long it will be until she starts pimping out her kids to all the paedophiles in her secret black book.

And somewhere in paedophile land, Chrissy Teigen was licking her lips when she saw the child sex mannequins and probably got a little…..moist.

Yeah, I know. EWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Gross gross gross gross to infinity!

Look what my Patriot friend forwarded to me:

I believe that as far as these lackeys of Satan go, the phrase what’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly applies. I mean that for them, these disturbing images are as normal as me looking at a tree. So they were not expecting the blowback from seeing those disgusting images. It does not mean they will NOT do it again. They will find a way to do it in a more subtle manner. That’s what Google and Facebook are doing now.

I found this post by accident. Way to go, Brittany Aldean!

Meanwhile, check out what this tool for the Left had to say. And look, she even has her preferred pronouns! Someone give her a Razzy for being as clueless as a mouse in a room full of cats, and a coconut custard pie with whipped cream to the face for selling out to the narrative of the “Alphabet Club.”

So what have we learned? As long as Monica opens her mouth, the people will point fingers and laugh at she/her.

Meanwhile, since Apple is no longer interested in removing Twitter from the PlayStore, I really want the Freedom phone; and since the price has come down, I just might have a new phone for Yule. No more snooping from Google. Check it out at

So that will do it for me. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll ever be done with all this Satanic crap. I think Lady Gaga is one of Satan’s lackeys. But we’ll see what happens with the next post. Thanks for reading. Hit that like button and leave me a comment if you wish. Enjoy your day/night/evening.

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