Truth or Dare to Ask Questions

Coming up on the Introvert Soapbox:

The White House mouthpiece walks out during a briefing; Christmas in the White House takes on a sinister meaning; Project Veritas exposes the disgusting practices at a Chicago private school; and Casey Anthony wants to tell her side of the story.

I don’t pay attention to anything that Dictator Biden says since its all bullshit to me. But recently, I came across a video where the subject is the White House Christmas decorations, and who, or what is that ugly face in the background? Before you watch the video below, now would be the time to grasp your Jesus cross or your Bible tightly because this could be uncomfortable to watch.

Now I’m sure you remember the Dark Brandon speech a few months ago that looked like it was held in a Satanic church. In case you need a refresher, look below.

Now it all makes sense We already knew the CCP is pulling the strings, but so is Satan. And those two creeps call themselves Catholics. Yeah, right. I would pour holy water on them to see if it burns their skin.

I also don’t listen to anything that White House mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre says because it is all propaganda. I came across this video of her attempting to shut down a journalist from Africa who was attempting to ask a question(s) and she was not having any of it.

I did not know she was a lesbian, but it figures given that the Dictator has weirdos in his cabinet like gender fluid Sam Briton and that sub human Rachel Levine who fancies himself as a woman. Her attitude toward this reporter is disgusting. You would not see that from Kayleigh McEnany. I’m glad that Tucker had him on his show. Simon is a journalist, and it is his job to ask questions. If she is getting so offended, then he is asking the right questions. I hope Tucker brings him back.

In an unrelated subject, I was lamenting how biased the local media here has become. My local news station is News12 Long Island, and for a long time, I have always accused them of overhyping any major storm that comes our way. All doom and gloom, 6-12 inches of snow, road closures, and everyone empties out the stores because they think Armageddon is coming. Indeed, we have had some nasty blizzards and snow storms come through, like the polar vortex from two years ago, but the roads are cleared, we scrape the ice off our cars, and life is back to near normal

The local media here which includes PIX11, a longtime favourite, has not said anything about current events, like the Twitter files, the Hunter Biden laptop, and nothing about what is going on with Kari Lake challenging the woke status quo in Arizona. Mom is the news hound, and she soaks up this woke stuff like a sponge. I an unable to convince her that she cannot trust the media. At least she is not woke. Only the independent journalists like Ivory Hecker and Matt Walsh speak the unbiased truth.

So look what I found from Project Veritas:

I am not even surprised. This is going on as we speak at either public or private schools. The way he talks so openly about it does not surprise me either. I hope Project Veritas keeps calling these scumbags out. But since most states have woke district attorneys funded by Satan’s favourite demon George Soros, nothing will happen to the perpetrators. They’re just get hired at another woke school and continue their crusade to corrupt children and turn them into sex toys for the paedophile elites who follow a certain demon who is associated with abortion and child sacrifice whose name starts with the letter B. I will not say his name.

Recently, I stopped listening to Matt Walsh and Candace Owens’ podcasts because I was tired of hearing about the antics of the the Alphabet Club. I don’t hate Matt and Candace, but I needed a break from the nonsense. I was listening to Megyn Kelly talk about Casey Anthony and her new movie.

My Patriot friend and I were talking about Casey, and she is no fanatic of hers; like most women. I was thinking about how Casey may have been acquitted, but she has to be accompanied by a bodyguard everywhere she goes because there are a few dozen women, my Patriot friend included, who would love to put a machete in her back.

My PF said something so profound that it cannot be ignored, so I’m going to share it with you. Keep in mind that I am not on Casey’s side.

Now WHAT IF there is some truth to Casey’s sexual abuse allegations by the father? What if Caylee is a product of incest? The father was never identified. What if Casey got tired of being a mother and wanted to get rid of Caylee? With the way the father was acting, he should have been arrested for obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence.

When Caylee’s body was found, the cause of death could not be determined because the body was badly decomposed. Also, they waited 31 days to call 911. That could explain why Casey’s car has a foul smell. Was the body hidden in her car for 31 days? There are more questions than answers. It does not help that Casey has lied so much that her credibility is in tatters. She was acquitted on a lie! Everything she told her defence attorney was a lie.

I take umbrage with the mother. As a nurse, she should turn in her nursing license for going along with this atrocious charade and dishonouring the Hippocratic Oath. She’s supposed to save lives, not stand back and let her innocent grandchild die a horrible death and wait a month to call 911.

I hate to say this, but what if the father is guilty of the murder and not Casey? Were we blaming the wrong person all this time? Think about it. Based on the father’s actions, I wonder why he wasn’t labeled a suspect. Probably because of all the lies Casey told her lawyer.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed Megyn’s podcast. She talks about the same things that Candace and Matt talk about so I’ll skip those episodes. She doesn’t drone on and on like Megan Markle, but she did mention that she is a lawyer. It explains a few things.

Okay, so that will do it for me. Thanks for reading, and my apologies for the delay. I should be getting new internet service in a few days. And next time, I’ll watch Pluto TV on the phone instead of the lappy so I don’t use up all my data. If you like this post, please hit the like button and/or leave a comment. It lets me know that I’m going a good thing. Have a good day/night/evening.


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