Nuff Tings Dem A Gwan

Coming up: More problems with my truck; facing my shadow side; a landlord that doesn’t seem to care about his tenants. So let’s get into it.

I was off from work last week because I needed to get my car inspected. I’m glad I took the full seven days because repairs on my car always seem to take either all day, or two days. I was thinking about taking three days off. As usual, the accursed check engine light is on. I already knew that the catalytic converter needs to be replaced. But I would find out later that I also needed a new thermostat. I had ordered one previously because the light came on last year during a brutal cold snap. My guess is that it was either sticking open or closed. The problem went away when the brutal cold eased, and the light went out. Now that winter is here, the stickiness has returned.

Currently, my truck will not pass inspection because of the converter being at a low threshold. The shop poured two bottles of cleaner in the gas tank and are driving it around town to get the converter cleaned out. But this is putting miles on the truck and I want to keep the miles as low as possible. I went to Auto Zone yesterday to look up converter prices and they are not cheap. It will cost me over a grand for the repair when the smoke clears, and that’s with the new thermostat. However, if I have the work done at another shop, it would cost me even more. If the cleaner does not work, then I will have to order a new converter and figure out how to pay for it. In the meantime, mom is letting me use her Hyundai runabout. I don’t want to hold onto it for too long because she is sacrificing her medical appointments so that I can go to work, and I feel bad for putting her in that situation. I also had to delay ordering presents for mom and my daughter until I get the work done. Wish me luck.

I understand that shadow work can be uncomfortable. It means facing aspects of myself that I would rather not acknowledge. Well, I had to face one aspect recently that I have been running away from for years.

I don’t want to have a son, I never wanted one, and I am glad that I never had one.

He would not get the love, the attention, and the socialisation needed to become a member of society. He would become an afterthought. That’s a terrible thing to do to any child. I’m not proud of it. It hurts to admit it, but I have to accept that part of me so I can continue with my evolution.

I believe one reason why a potential relationship with a woman fizzled out was because she has a seven year old son. I was not interested in raising him. The thought did not excite me.

However, my daughter is my universe and she knows it. I would never walk away from her. Even if I had two, or three daughters who test my patience, I still would not walk away.

Mom has been having problems with the upstairs neighbour ever since she moved in. She is what mom refers to as a long meter; which means she will talk your ear off if you let her. She’s also not the sharpest tool in the shed, and the constant thumps and bumps I hear makes me think that there is a bowling alley upstairs. The only things missing are the pin setter and ball return.

Water has been leaking from the bathroom ceiling. It seems to be coming from where the neighbour’s toilet is located, which is above mom’s toilet. I’m afraid the ceiling will come down on her head when she is relieving herself. She called the landlord and left a message last week, but no one returned her call. So I called and left a message. I said that if mom suffers a head injury because the ceiling comes down on her head because they’re too LAZY to come fix it, I would hold them personally responsible. Usually when I call, the landlord gets off his ass and does something. Let’s see if that still holds true. I’ll keep you updated.

Of course, long meter denies that the source of the leak is from her bathroom. But that is not the first time water has leaked through the ceiling. I don’t like the way the ceiling looks. Like it could come down at any second. That’s what happens when you have a slumlord for a landlord.

That will do it for me. If you like this post, please hit that like button and/or leave a comment if you so desire. All I ask is that you be nice. Have a good evening, day, or morning.


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