And My Heart Goes Boom

I had been diagnosed with bigeminy after doing a stress test at the cardiologist. It is also known as heart palpitations, or having double beats. It seems to have gotten worse since my last visit, and I scheduled an appointment since people are dropping like flies from heart issues. I wonder if I could be next. I don’t want to be next. I have four grandkids that I have not met yet. I’m already worried about my cholesterol levels from all the pizza I shoveled in a few months ago. I had chest pains a few days later, and I should have called 911, but it went away, and has not returned since. So no more pizza for me.

I am having trouble sleeping, it takes an unusually long time for me to relax, and sometimes I have trouble catching my breath when I want to relax. Now I know how someone with emphysema feels. I feel the double beats when I am in bed, or sitting in the chair. Sometimes it feels like someone or something hit me in the chest. When it happens, it is like a M80 going off in my head.


Eventually, my heart slows down enough for me to sleep. Then I don’t hear or feel it. But there are times when it can keep me awake all night if I can’t relax. When I’m really tired from lack of sleep, that’s when the breathing trouble really manifests itself. It can take maybe 15 minutes for me to calm down. When I am at work, sinus rhythm and breathing is normal. Sometimes I feel like I need anti anxiety medication. I have a pill that I put under my tongue during stressful situations.

I was talking about this with a long time friend who ironically had returned home a few hours earlier from visiting the ER for intense heart palpitations. She was wondering about my magnesium levels, and I was thinking maybe I have a deficiency, so I decided to look it up and here is what I found.

Based on what I have read, a deficiency in magnesium is probable. I was having spasms in my left leg recently, and it stops calcium from tensing the muscles and nerves. It is also important for a healthy cardiovascular system; hence the double beats and trouble breathing. I remember I was shivering in bed as if I was cold, but the room was warm. That could be another symptom of magnesium deficiency. I already take potassium because the level in my blood is so low that it could either stop my heart or cause an irregular sinus rhythm.

I ruled out taking supplements because magnesium is toxic in high doses. I need to eat more leafy greens, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Fortunately, I have cashews on hand that contain 20% magnesium. I sampled whole grain Eggo waffles and they were not bad in regards to taste. I need to add bananas to the shopping list, and beg mom to make her delicious stir fry vegetables with broccoli, and I also need to eat more oatmeal and I’m glad I bought a box last month. Hopefully, with a change of diet, perhaps I can get rid of the double beats for good.

In other news, and I needed to get this off my chest, the reviews are in for Prince Harold’s literary tome, and they are not good at all. The book should have been titled Confessions of A Man-Baby. There is a lot of whining, cringe worthy moments, jealousy, private text messages that should have been left private; lies everywhere, and cheap shots aimed at King Charles. This is not the proper decorum for a Prince of Sussex!

He hates his brother so much that even I cannot fathom it. Harold seems to like taking cheap shots at William for his baldness. I wonder if he realises that at some point, he will be facing baldness too. I really like the part about Kate bullying Meg, when the opposite is true. Unfortunately, all these lies about William are having an effect on his approval rating, which has been dropping. It disgusts me to no end. Sid and Nancy will see to it that the Prince and Princess of Wales will be thoroughly humiliated, discredited, and destroyed. I commend them for not responding to the slander because it would imply that the lies are true. However, accusing H&M of slander, whilst true, would only give those goofballs more of a desire to publish more lies. All the stress would put stress on the marriage, sleeping in separate bedrooms, then comes a possible divorce. I don’t want to see that happen. We can hope that karma catches up to the Teflon Don and Donna soon.

As someone who knows what happens to souls when they leave this plane of existence, I can assure you that when their time comes, they will not see the Garden of Eden. No one escapes judgement on the Other Side.

That will do it for this Sunday edition of the Soapbox. Please hit the like button if this post moves you as it gives me incentive to keep writing and maybe someone out there cares about what I have to say. Have a good evening/day/night.


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