Here We Go Again

Coming up on this 2023 edition of the Introvert Soapbox: H&M inks yet another deal; updates about my truck; a new acquisition for my enterprising daughter; and mom finally gets her Yule present. So let’s get into this sordid mess.

For some reason, I can’t get enough of H&M. On one hand, they disgust me with their vile narcissism, the poor me attitude, and the lack of honour and decorum. On the other hand, I find it fascinating to see how a narcissist mind works. That’s one reason why I enjoyed researching serial killers during finals week in college. Anytime I see a podcast about H&M, I’m tuning in because I want to hear about what have they done this time. Well, the dynamic do-nothings of Sussex have written a book called, of all things, Spare. Heavens to Murgatroyd, what an inspiring title for a book! Lies About Us would have been a far better title since I consider the genre to be fiction. Personally, I think The Celestine Prophecy is a better title and a better book.

I read that narcissism is an inability to regulate self esteem. That makes sense. These two goofballs play the victim so others can pay attention to them. All that energy being directed at them makes them feel good. But it creates an energy imbalance. I’m not giving my energy to people that don’t care about anyone except themselves. Tek way yuhself.

I wonder if the chowder heads at Random House that let themselves be conned into forking over millions of dollars for this book of lies are now having second thoughts. Only their followers would be interested in such trash. Indeed, I said that I am fascinated as to how their collective minds work, but I am not interested in reading their literary tome. I wonder if they will have a book signing. Being the energy vampires they are, I would not rule it out. Hopefully, the books would be displayed face down on the table. I can see it now. A huge commercial campaign on British TV. Buy this book and have it autographed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from 12 to 2pm at Harrods. Be there or be square, peasants! And only 50 people show up. What an embarrassment that would be. And it would serve them right.

I’m surprised that they are not going around telling everyone their preferred pronouns, or having everyone bow at their feet. Not that I would, of course. I would rather spit at their feet. And for the record, I want to remind you that if anyone asks you to respect their preferred pronouns, walk away. It is a form of manipulation.

I start the new year using mom’s runabout because my truck is still in the shop. I got it back for a week, but I had to bring it back since I didn’t pay for any repairs yet. So far, a marker light and the thermostat was replaced. Inspection is the final hurdle to get over and so far, she’s falling flat on her face. She has been there for a week and I’m getting antsy. I want mom to have her car back so she can go shopping and do laundry. Plus I don’t want her to be a prisoner in her home for too long. So I’m still in limbo for now.

As long as we’re talking about cars, my daughter had a big problem with her Ram truck. She told me about a rather nasty oil leak with the 3.6 litre V6. I was thinking it was the head gasket, but that was not the case. I watched a video about a similar oil leak with the same engine on a 2017 Dodge Caravan, and the culprit was the oil cooler/oil filter housing. The oil ran down the side of the engine and covered the bottom of the van with oil spray. It is a common complaint on these engines, and the OEM part is difficult to find. There is an aluminum aftermarket version, but the effectiveness is mixed. She had oil all over her engine also, and it ran poorly.

She traded her truck for a Infiniti G35 coupe. It only cost her the same money it would take to fix the oil cooler problem. This car has low miles, everything works, has a sunroof, and it is reliable. She needs a reliable car for where she lives. There is no public transportation, and just going to the store can be a road trip.

My daughter loves Mopars. She had a Dodge Neon that needed an engine mount, and the interior was a tight fight for a six footer like me. She goes crazy for the Dodge Polara, which I have never heard of until she showed me one for sale. So for her to get a totally different brand means Chrysler needs to step up their game if they don’t want to lose a young Mopar fanatic for good.

I didn’t have the money to get mom a present for the holidays, and I couldn’t decide on what to get her. Fortunately, a coworker helped me with that. She was wearing a turtleneck shawl that she got from Rainbow Shops. Since mom is always cold, it would be perfect for her. As I was researching them online, I was very annoyed at the fact that all of them are made in China. Initially, I was not going to order it, but what changed my mind was that Rainbow Shops had them in stock, and the price was very reasonable as compared to Amazon and Etsy. It arrived this past Friday and I am very pleased with it. But I would like to see more textiles made in this country.

That will do it for me. Please like and comment if you are so inclined. It lets me know that I am doing something right for a change, and it gives me an incentive to keep posting. Hope to see you back here for the next post. Have a beautiful Sunday.


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