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California seems determined to erase the state of womanhood; the Princess of Putrid talks to astronauts about being launched into space; the poster child for the Alphabet Club gets a face lift of sorts, and uterus implants for men. Yeah, this is where we are in 2023. Isis, take me away.

Hello and welcome back to the Introvert Soapbox, where I tell you what’s on my mind, and my take on currents events. If you read my last post, you know that I was working on a post that was giving me profound difficulties. I don’t want to say what the post was about, but part of the difficulty was that there was so much false information from the media regarding the post that I could not figure it out in order to share with you. I watched the videos, I listened to the commentary, and I thought I had enough information to blog about it, but then something new comes up that totally throws me off base. Truth is now fiction, and fiction is passed around as truth. The whole blog turned into nonsensical bullshit. I want to give you the facts, and let you judge for yourself. I could not do that with all the lies and false information, so I discarded the post and moved on to something else. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

I saw a post from Brother David J. Harris Jr. on Facebook about urinals being installed in the ladies room at LAX. I looked up this story, and it seems like this is either false information, or the media is not being so forthcoming over it. One person on Twitter says that it is a mens room being used as a ladies room whilst it is being renovated. That’s ridiculous! If the bathroom was closed for renovations, there would be a sign on the door to inform patrons, and possibly another sign that points to an alternative mens room.

Ladies, I am begging you to please stand up for yourselves! Don’t let these rat bastards in Trans-fornia take away your womanhood and your right to a safe space to take care of your feminine needs. This is putting women in danger of being assaulted. Don’t put up with it! Speak your mind, stand and fight. Don’t take this crap lying down. Don’t accept it as normal because this is NOT normal. This needs to stop! I would not let my daughter go in there. I would rather her use the mens room, and I would stand guard in the corridor until she is finished.

At my old Peer Bridger job, there were two bathrooms on my side of the building, and two more on the other side. One was a unisex with a bathtub and toilet, and the other was a three stall restroom for women only. My side also had the same unisex bathroom, but the three stall restroom was for men only. No one had a problem with it, but I wondered why there were no urinals until I learned that the building was populated by nurses who lived onsite while working at the psychiatric hospital. My office building was a former all female dormitory. Thankfully, there were no transwomen on the floor to complicate things by demanding urinals.

This Kamala Harris, aka the Princess of Putrid, is such an embarrassment to Indians and Jamaicans everywhere. For those that don’t know, her mother is Indian, and her father is Jamaican. She doesn’t even acknowledge those sides of her. Watch as she embarrasses herself yet again, at the Space Model Honour Ceremony.

I love the Australian media. They call it straight down the middle, with a few well deserved cheap shots here and there. I love the part where she says: they suited up. She had to put the emphasis on the word up for effect. I cracked up laughing. She is addressing men and women who have been there, done that, like they were children. Can you imagine her as President? The howls of planetwide laughter would be even more deafening then they are now with Dictator Biden. I also found this link. At least they’re not afraid to poke fun at her, and I’m not so trusting of Fox News anyway.

I really don’t want to get into this Dylan Mulvaney and his girlhood crap. I can’t get that image of him prancing around in a forest wearing shorts and black clogs celebrating the unmitigated joy of being a woman. Now he has taken it to the next level by having surgery to feminise his face. I wonder if breast and butt implants will be on his wish list.

Riddle me this: How does Dylan relate to Mad TV? Well, Miss Swann would say he looka like a man, and every time he speaks, I can see the Vancome Lady with her fingers in her ears drowning him out by saying la la la la; la la la la, and so on. I thought she was hilarious. I loved Mad TV. I thought it was funnier than that Saturday Night Live garbage.

Uterus implants in men? Why are we talking about this? This will easily be a point of contention. Ladies, this is another attempt by the Leftists to replace you and womanhood with men. I’ll be the first one to tell you that as guys, we need you! I would not be here without mom. My daughter would not be here without her mother. We can’t exist without you. And if we chase you relentlessly, well, we’re visual creatures. We like what we see. Some men take it to a bad place, and that’s a blog for another day. But we need you. I said it. Now don’t let that get out. I have a notorious reputation to protect. But anyway, when I saw the post somewhere in internet land, I did a double take. Men cannot have babies!! Why are women being replaced like this? What have they done? I refuse to stand for it and I REFUSE to let this Dylan laugh and point fingers at you for being a woman when he has no idea how woman carry themselves.

All right, so that will do it for me. Please like and comment if you’re so inclined as it inspires me to write more. My apologies for the late post. While you read this one, I’ll be working on yet another one. Have good evening, a good day, and a good night.


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