Rolling on a Red River

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Concerns about the mental status of this former pop star; more Satanic stuff from Disney and the Grammys; fawning over a woman that I will never have. The story of my life, and it plays like a scratched CD. So let’s get into this.

Hello, and welcome back!

I remember when Britney Spears, who now goes by the name River Red, dropped her first album, and it helped me through tough times when I did not have a car, and I took the bus everywhere. I still have that album and the follow up album. I have a Britney playlist on Spotify. I also remember when she had her meltdown and shaved her head. I follow her on Instagram where some of her posts do not make sense, and she disabled the comments section. We can only bear witness as she seems to sink deeper into the abyss of despair.

It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and in her eyes, all I see is pain and sadness. The featured picture makes that clear. She is hurting, and feel it. There are many reasons why, but I believe one of the reasons is losing custody of her sons Sean and Jayden. I can understand that. Any parent would be devastated if he/she loses custody of the kids. I was looking at her Instagram page and she shares pics of a photo shoot sans makeup. I could not gauge her state of mind. To do that, I need a clear shot of her face and eyes. I don’t always see the sadness in her eyes, but that does not mean it went away. I hope she gets the help she needs before she has a relapse.

I talked about Satanic stuff in Disney movies in a previous blog, and I found something on Facebook that I wanted to share. Viewer discretion is advised.

As a kid, I was somewhat into Disney, but The Jungle Book and Pinocchio was as far as I ever got. I quickly lost interest because Mickey giggled too much and I hated that falsetto voice, I couldn’t understand what Donald was saying, Pluto was ugly, and I was bored stiff with Goofy. I’m glad I stayed away from that garbage.

Meanwhile, we have this nonsense going on at the recent Grammy Awards. Viewer discretion is advised, and it might be a good idea to hold your cross if you are a Christian.

Satan’s lackeys. So proud of themselves for worshipping a demon that doesn’t give a flying fuck about them. They love to show off because they think they’re so much better then us. You can’t sit with us. Na na na na na. I would rather sit and watch them beg Jesus to save their souls from a life of torture. I guess they don’t know what happens when Satan comes to collect on his payment. Ask Jayne Mansfield about that. No wonder I don’t watch the Grammys. Satanic performances like this are everywhere and we will see more of it.

I figure I would lighten the mood a bit and tell you about my latest crush. Its a woman at work named Karen. No, really, that is her name, and she is not the type that acts entitled. She’s sitting in for the usual receptionist, who is away this week. As we say in the hood, Karen is all that, and a bag of chips. Every time I see her, she’s always wearing athletic wear. Sistrum of Isis. Its like looking at a pic of Lynda Carter in a bikini. Take it easy, old man. Breathe. Its just Karen. If I was her husband, I wouldn’t want to look at another woman. Please universe can I have her? I’ll give up pepperoni pizza. No wait, I’ll give up cookies, pies, and cakes! Work with me here!

Now I’m making deals with the universe. Its comical. I’m no salesman. Give up Entenmanns chocolate chip cookies? Oh boy, I must really be smitten. Or out of my bloody mind! Well, that rock on her ring finger is the signal that says she’s out of reach. Eh. They’re all out of my reach. But I have long arms. Can’t I catch anything? Yeah, dust! At least I can dream.

I hope that made you laugh, or smile at least. Thanks for hanging out and reading. Please like and comment if you so desire. When the rusty wheels start turning again, you will see another post. In the meantime, I should look for the tube of grease. Nah, I need a can of rust remover first. Have a good evening, a good day, and a good night.


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