The Final Frontier

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We are all connected to the universe; a correlation between Beyonce, Jay Z, and the death of Aaliyah; was my grandfather a Freemason? Lets get into this.

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to the Introvert Soapbox. I came across this video that is so compelling that I have to share it.

This makes a lot of sense to me. Whilst I was watching the video, it triggered a childhood memory of me looking out the window of my second floor apartment at the street below after dark and being mesmerized by all the lights. I couldn’t see the night sky due to all the tall buildings. I was fascinated by the apartment building across the street from me. I could stare at it for hours, and I would have if mom didn’t tell me time for bed. I don’t know why at the time, but the lights from the individual apartments seemed to twinkle. I would have gone outside and sat on the steps to get a better view, but there was no way mom was letting me out after dark, There was a reason why the front door was as heavy as the door to a bank vault. Not to keep me in. It was to keep criminals out.

The Lounge across the street was another fascination. The word Lounge was in giant black block letters that were illuminated by five floodlights. It seemed to come alive at night. I still remember it like I saw it yesterday. During the day, I paid no attention to it. It was just another building. I ignored the apartment building next to it also. But even to this day, the night sky still fascinates me.

I was talking to my Patriot friend about the debacle with my ex in February of last year. As we were talking, she triggered a vison of a galaxy much like the one in the featured pic. There were white dots on the picture and a white line connected the dots in a deliberate fashion. Somehow, I understood that it was all about my ex. Who she is, and what she was about. She was a Druid. I don’t know how, but those connected dots told me her story.

Another memory made itself known to me. I was in art class with the very attractive teacher Ms. Galvan, who always wore heels and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. She asked the class to draw something. I don’t remember what it was, and little me was no Michelangelo. So I put pen to construction paper, and drew a night sky that was full of stars. It wasn’t going to win any awards, but that’s what it was. Good thing she didn’t grade the assignment. I would have received an unconditional F as in flunk.

You guys know that I have talked about Hollyweird, Satanism, and the music industry before. We all know they’re related, and we know that Beyonce and Jay-Z sold their souls to become Satan’s lackeys. But I watched a video that could explain how their child Blue Ivy got her name, and what happened with Aaliyah. Watch this:

Also check out this video about Beyonce.

I’m worried about Kanye speaking out. I think Satan will send his lackeys with orders to silence him by any means necessary. Same thing with the former bodyguard. Murder is definitely on the table. Don’t forget that the Kardashian clan are all lackeys. Kim is still associated with that Satanic fashion house. Its supposed to be a secret, but you didn’t hear that from me. No, you didn’t. I had no idea that Jay-Z was trying so hard to date Aaliyah. I didn’t pay much attention to her until after watching the movie Queen of the Damned where she played the part of Akasha. Now I blame both of them for her death. And I have some of his music on my Spotify playlist which I’ll delete. Now I understand why some women don’t like Beyonce. I’ll be deleting her music also.

So, was my grandfather a Freemason? I asked mom about it and she says yes. Everyone in the family knew, but he never talked about it. He was a very quiet person and I rarely saw him because he was was either going to the secret meetings, or to work. That’s why I remember the maid a lot more clearly because she was always home. The irony is when I was staying with him, I was attending Catholic school. Yuck. The nuns were all sadists, except for one. In Jamaica, Christianity is the national religion, and ff anyone knew that grandfather was a Freemason, people would have shown up to the house with torches, pitchforks, and rocks. He died of cancer many moons ago, but he never reincarnated. He opted to stay in the spirit world. I am forbidden to talk to him. Why? Was he ashamed of being a Freemason? I may never know.

That will do it for me. Please give this post a like and subscribe. I keep the content coming because you need to know what’s going on behind the scenes in this dystopian world. Stay tuned for the next post. Until then, you have a good evening, a good day, and a good night.


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