Playing Chinese Checkers

What I’m about to say has been bothering me for some time, but I didn’t want to talk about it. Now I have to speak on it before this rage turns me into the monster I used to be many moons ago. Those of you with weak convictions can skip this post. For every one else, this post is rated R for adult language.

Thanks to the woke mob and the Leftists, this country has gone SOFT!! We’re still debating on what is a woman, firing nurses and dismissing soldiers who don’t want the poison jab, then complaining of a staff shortage. Closing down the Keystone pipeline, then go begging Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, and they basically told Biden to go fuck himself. And here come an obvious spy balloon from China, and the damn Pentagon is wringing their hands over what to do. Yes, it was EVENTUALLY brought down, but why did we have to think about it? The moment we saw it in our air space, it should have been shot down! But no, we don’t want to offend China. Nah, because the Bidens and the rest of the White House woke mob relies on those million dollar kickbacks. When money talks, bullshit and our nation’s security takes a walk. No one seems to realise that China is using Tik Tok to spy on us, because SURPRISE, its a Chinese company that owns Tik Tok; and everyone who uses the platform doesn’t give a flying fuck about what intel that could possibly be going to them. Go ahead, tell China about yourself through your videos. What you do, where you work, where you live, are you loyal to the CCP cause, do you have GUNS. Tell them about American society. Chances are they already have enough intel to commence an invasion. They have infiltrated this country, and we turn a blind eye. They’re buying up our farmland, and no one gives a fuck. They buy up our real estate and office buildings, and no one gives a fuck. They want to buy land next to a military installation, and no one gives a flying fuck.

Well, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem seems to be the only one that cares. She wants to block China from purchasing land near Air Force bases. One would think everyone would rush to her side in support. So far, I don’t see a stampede of supporters. I stand with her. If no one else will, then they are not Americans. That’s it, PERIOD, end of story.

China know Biden is not only inept, but he is as SOFT as a watered down sponge. He would put his accursed wife on foot patrol in Beijing if they offered him enough money. They know he won’t do anything. This is the IDIOT that left all that valuable military equipment in Afghanistan, which I hear that Putin wants to buy. Yeah. Can you imagine Russia blowing the Ukraine to smithereens with our M1A2 Abrams tanks and our MRAPS? Don’t think that it will not happen. It pisses me off so much that I’m lucky I don’t have a stroke. But this country does not care. He should have been impeached from the start, but nah. As long as the WH gets money from the CCP, he will stay where he is. And my thoughts about the WH in general is censored.

But despite all this bad news, there is some hope amongst the smoke and debris. Since we can’t count on our SHAM of a government to protect this country, its up to WE, THE PEOPLE. The Patriots, those of you that own guns, who are willing to fight for truth, justice, security, and the American way. We are the ones that are being called upon to quell the Chinese threat. I have no faith this government, or our military. In case you didn’t know, the military has gone soft too. Don’t believe me? Read the article below.

Its a damn shame that we can’t even count on our own military to protect the country. In China’s hive mind, they can just walk in and take over. No resistance from the Leftists and the Alphabet Club. Bunch of weasels. Well, listen up, you Chinese Communist creeps. You bring the noise, we’ll bring lots of pain. You’re not walking all over us. Not as long as WE, THE PEOPLE, draw breath. If you feel lucky, come on over, and we’ll show you what a pissed off bunch of Patriots can do! And before you get to them, you’ll have to get past me.

Your move, China.

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