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Mr. Thing is back in the news; updates about my cardiovascular issues; insight as to the possible cause(s) of the Ohio derailment, and all these derailments are no coincidence. Strap yourself in and away we go.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Before I get into the first topic, I want to say that somewhere on Facebook, I saw a biological woman holding up a sign with the caption:

Trans Women Are Women

This was a few days ago, and I’m still processing it. There are actually women who believe that? Good grief! I must be living in a mirror universe because I can’t fathom it. All I have to say to these women is don’t you dare start running your mouth about trans women in the bathroom if someone in the stall next to you has their feet facing the wrong way.

Now lets talk about Dylan Mulvaney. Yeah I know, let’s not. People are tired of him. I would love to give him the Razzy for conduct unbecoming to a wannabe female, bad acting, and carrying himself like he’s a gift to the planet. He had his facial surgery to look more feminine, and, I really hate to say it, but he actually looks pretty. But at the same time, I think that he now look like a cartoon character. Watch this clip from the Michaels Knowles Show and you make the call.

I really like the part when he promises that he will not steal your husband even though he’s looks hot enough to do that because he’s a girl’s girl. Well ladies, doesn’t that make you feel better? Your husband or boyfriend is safe from his feminine clutches. You forgot one thing, Mr. Thing: you cannot steal another woman’s husband unless he wants to be stolen. Also, women don’t act the way you think they do, so stop it! I wonder what’s next on his girlhood to do list. Hormones? Breast implants? Gross! A butt lift? Maybe castration? No wait, what if he decides to get married? Oh gods of Egypt. Now I feel sick.

Last Friday, I had the echocardiogram done, and it went well. Next month is the stress test and I’m actually scared at what they will find. The husband of a coworker had his stress test, and his arteries were 95% blocked, so he had a stent put in and he’s feeling better. I know my cholesterol is high, and I didn’t help matters by having Dominos every Friday after work. What if my arteries are blocked? After what could have been a heart attack a few months ago, I cut out pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, switched to 1% milk and I exercise more. And my sister Renea is now my daughter’s godmother in case anything happens to me. So far, I have not been having issues with double beats since I started taking garlic caplets. Although garlic has been used to control blood pressure for decades, I’m still taking the water pills because I don’t want to take a chance at getting an awful headache which means that the blood pressure is above the tolerance level and I need to bring it down before I drop dead. And it happened. I was in the hospital three years ago because my blood pressure was so high that technically, I should have died, but I got away with a fluke. I don’t intend to tempt fate again.

Thanks to the comments from a railroad employee, and my knowledge of railroading, I can offer some insight as to what happened regarding the East Palestine, Ohio derailment. Basically, the main cause was a failed hotbox detector. There is more to it, so let me explain. For the record, I am no expert. This is mere speculation.

The hot box detector monitors the wheels of a passing freight train, and sends an alert by radio if it registers an elevated temperature on one or more of the passing wheels. The detector registers which side of the train has the overheated wheel, and and which axle are broadcast also. Then crew must stop the train and attempt to locate the problem. When located, dispatch is notified, and one of two things will happen.

If the problem is an overheated bearing, the wheel is replaced if the train is in a accessible area. You can find videos about how 900 pound wheels are changed on YouTube. But if the problem is a dragging brake shoe, the conductor will cage the brake chamber(s) to get the brake(s) released. The brakes will still work on the other wheelset. When the train reaches its destination, the carriage is unloaded, uncoupled, and set out for repair. Hot box detectors do fail when they start sending erroneous messages when no emergency exists.

The freight carrier is Norfolk Southern; who is no stranger to bad publicity. For example, whilst most freight locomotives have chemical toilets for the crew, NS wanted to go in a different direction, and you can read about it below. Even though this is old news, I remember when it happened, and I thought it was disgusting. Speaking of which, if you cast your peepers on the snips at the bottom, it will help you understand why I am not a fanatic of NS.

There was another NS derailment, and a third, but the media wasn’t talking about them. And my Patriot friend send me this:

I read somewhere that he plans to visit the site of the first derailment “when the time is right.” Really? REALLY? I want to point a BFG 9000 from my Doom game at him and pull the trigger.

Meanwhile, my Patriot friend shared these snips with me:

So that will do it for me. Please pray for our nation to rise from the ashes and became a great country once again. I bid you a good day, a good evening, and good night.


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