Forward with 2020

I wish to thank all of my followers for staying with me as we venture forth into 2020, and I welcome my new followers. I created this blog for you, and I hope you continue to follow me. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. I do my best to create a new post at least once a week. Writing is my passion. The irony is that I dost not care for pen and paper writing because I hast poor penmanship, and it feels uncomfortable. I wish to give a shout out to my friend Sharon, who hast come so far since I met her, and she continues to evolve. A big up goes to the McDonalds in Salina, Kansas for giving my friend Brenda a chance despite her MS diagnosis, and, because she saved her pennies, she was able to sign a lease on a new apartment. Her roommates dost not perform any sort of cleaning, and as a result, she is frequently sick due to mold buildup.

I hope to find employment in another capacity very soon because the current job causes anxiety flare ups constantly. The most recent one happened this past Friday. It is clear that I cannot remain there. The state of my mental health is as stake. The volatile environment hast already claimed one of the case managers. He will not be returning to the job. I dost not blame him. What compounds the problem is that he will not be replaced. So his caseload will be given to the other case managers who art already operating at capacity. At some point, we will hast our first department meeting of the year, aka the “blah, blah blahs.” It is amazing how a supervisor can talk so much about nonsense for over two hours without a break. I art usually bored stiff, and very antsy from sitting for a long time on a uncomfortable chair.

The most recent job I applied for was travel trainer. 35 hours/week, $15/hour. I get to the interview, and I was told it would be three days a week, so that will not work for me. Before that, I applied for a school bus driver at We Transport, who now uses my old company bus yard. I would need a school bus endorsement, pass the road test, and the work is not year round, so that’s another one I had to turn down. There is a open house on the 11th with a company that is not far away from my house that I plan on attending for a driver position.

I art dreading the assignment for tomorrow morning, which is transporting a client to a hospital in the next county over. I dost not like rush hour traffic, and going to places that I art not familiar with. Even though I will be using GPS, and my co-worker shalst accompany me, I art very fearful. But Sophia shalst be with me as usual. It shalst be a long drive, probably another 145 miles. I hate this thing that I call “forced favourtism;” which means I always seem to be chosen for the assignments that cause me the most anxiety. Never mind the fact that the boss will let me leave early for coming in super early. I dost not want to be in this position in the first place.

So hopefully I can start the year off by getting away from the current job before I end up as a client. I art beyond frustrated at this point. There hast been times when I wanted to quit. But that would be an unwise move indeed. I just hast to remain patient and hold on for one more day.

Even though I may not have an email address for comments at the moment, I do encourage feedback. Please leave a comment if you can. If you wish for me to talk about something, here, that would be most welcome. Sat Nam.

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