New York State’s Green Light Law and Bail Reform Law

I art very angry with our Governor and the Democrats for passing the two most outrageous laws I hast ever seen in all of my years as a resident of New York. Criminals can be released without bail, no matter how serious the charge, and immigrants can now apply for a driver license. The criminals art getting a free pass!! It never used to be like this. I wonder if Empire Bail Bonds in Central Islip near the courthouse will remain in business.

So let’s get into this ridiculous bail reform law, which went into effect this month. From what I hast seen thus far, you could knock over a gas station, kill the clerk, steal a getaway car, kill a pedestrian, crash the car into a house and cause another fatality, and you would be arrested and released after a “pinky swear” that you would appear on your court date. The demon rats say that the old bail law punished the poor. That’s ridiculous!! How dost it punish the poor? Someone explain that to me, please. Maybe I art missing something. If you cannot afford bail, then you stay in jail until you art seen by the judge. So by releasing them, they art free to offend again, and the cycle repeats. What message is that sending the American people? That our justice system is beyond atrocious!!

The above news story is an example of how the bail reform law is working. It was briefly discussed at the monthly meeting at work this past Tuesday. One of my co-workers was in tears when she read the story. A medical student who just graduated from the University of Buffalo killed by a drunk driver, who hast numerous prior convictions. He was released. No bail, The judge could not even allow him to have an ankle bracelet! HOW IS THIS JUSTICE? It just sickens me to no end!

The one good thing is that they art not allowed to apply for a commercial license. I received mine in 2001, and behind the wheel of a heavy vehicle requires a huge amount of responsibility, and a clear understanding of the rules, and knowledge of the type of vehicle that is being operated. Federal officials and ICE hast been denied access to DMV records to check for criminal history.

How is this good for the American public? Who is even looking out for the American public? Certainly not the Democrats. It is up to We, The People, to provide some kind of decorum and take care of each other since our elected officials seem to be siding with the criminals and hast expressed no interest in their constituents.

I want to say that whilst I hate Cuomo to pieces for turning our legal system into a disgrace, he hast done a few positive things, such as East Side Access, (ESA) getting the Second Avenue Subway built, the LIRR Third Track Project, which includes the elimination of seven grade crossings, a new station for Belmont Park Racetrack, which I dost not support, and re-branding our subway trains and buses, aka “Cuomo-ized.” He can’t take credit for the new Moynihan Train Hall, which is now under construction across from Penn Station. That was the brainchild of senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who passed away in March, 2003.

But Cuomo, being the dullard that he is, hast not addressed the need for a new Hudson River tunnel, and repairs to the East River tunnels that were damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The current Hudson tunnels art in need of repair from Sandy damage. The tunnel could hast been operational by now if not for former NJ Governor Chris Christie cancelling the project. A new tunnel hast been discussed, but at the moment, it is just talk. When will NY/NJ officials stop squabbling, work out the financing, and get this done? Cuomo’s current terms ends in 2023. To that, I say good riddance to Democrat rubbish!

Time for me to get off my soap box for now. Can you believe I was holding this in for a few weeks? I’m surprised I was able to hold it together. If anyone hast any interest in learning about our governor, I hast provided a link above. If it dost not open, please copy and paste it into your browser. Maybe I should consider a separate post about Cuomo. We’ll see. Sat Nam.

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