Farewell, Train Daddy

This was the big story here last week. Andy Byford, chief of the MTA, who was doing a great job managing our challenging subway system, the most qualified man that the city hast ever hired to operate the largest transit agency in the Northeast, hast had enough of Cuomo being a Mr. Buttinski. It hast made me very cross, but I art not surprised that he left. Cuomo is an insufferable piece of garbage who was always going over Byford’s head, and not letting him do his job. It is like he wants to declare himself as “dictator for life.” A bit extreme? Perhaps. But not in my mind.

For all of two years, Byford and Cuomo hast been at odds with each other. Whilst Byford can take credit for the Staten Island express bus route redesign and speeding up our perpetually slow subway trains, Cuomo took credit for the rest of subway improvements.

The accusation that Byford tried to take credit for improvements that were not related to his work is simply atrocious! That would be Cuomo’s way to helping to push Byford out the door.


The above link shows Byford in one of this finest moments: being a conductor on a subway train, and listing to other conductors talk about the assaults they hast endured. Case in point: Earlier this month, a male passenger asked a female conductor for directions as her train pulled into the DeKalb Avenue station. When she told him that he was on the wrong platform, the passenger punched the conductor in the shoulder and flicked his cigarette at her. The woman was treated for bruising to her shoulder, and released.

Many moons ago, I remember taking the test for NYC subway conductor. I never heard anything back regarding if I passed or failed. It was not a hard test. In hindsight, I’m glad it never worked out. Back in those days, conductor assaults were very rare.

Yesterday I went to the repair shop that I use to make a payment on a past repair, and I noticed a “Dump Cuomo” sticker on the computer keyboard behind the counter. I wish I had taken a picture of it! I asked Valerie about it, who answers the phone and does the billing and other clerical work. She said I was not the first person to ask her about it. She plans on ordering more to give out. I want one, mom wants one, and so does two female friends.

So what about the subway? Will it return to the sorry state it was in before Byford was hired? I hope not. Only time will tell. The subway is recovering from the effects of having the entire R-179 carriage fleet being out of service due to various electrical maladies. Retired R-42 carriages were pressed into service with little time for needed maintenance from sitting on the scrap line for weeks.

Ok Cuomo, thou hast gotten your wish. Thou art free to run the subway as thee wishes whilst being our governor, and being hated to pieces by the public. Happy now? Too bad the rest of us art not feeling the same way. I wonder if there is another state where the governor also fancies himself at the commander-in-chief of the local transit agency.


I neglected to mention this tidbit of Cuomo playing hero. He didn’t have to help, but considering that the police had not arrived on the scene yet, I art sure the driver of the van was grateful for the assistance. Indeed, whilst I hate him to pieces, I acknowledge all the good he hast done. But I know he will mention this in his bid for re-election. That’s the only reason why he did it.

So that’s my take on the Cuomo/Byford debacle. Comments are welcome. Sat Nam.

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