Trials and Tribulations

I feel like I’m living on a foreign planet.  This so called corona virus running rampant, the demographic being quarantined, a huge rise in unemployment, and Anthony Fauchi spouting propaganda to the masses.  I feel like we’re living in a mirror universe where everything is the opposite of the norm. When will this end? The irony is that whilst most people have cabin fever from staying home, being an introvert means I am quite used to the isolation. However, human beings are social animals, and the lack of socialisation can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the person.

Here is an interesting video that a friend shared with me recently. Hopefully, this one will not be taken down because it “violates community standards:”


I was talking about this with a friend. This lock down feels like some kind of martial law. In NYC,  Mayor DeBlasio instructed the NYPD to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping the disease and saving lives. Period. This is no doubt related to the “astronomical surge” in corona virus cases; 60% of which are in the NY Metropolitan area.

One thing one of my friends has noticed is that all this seems to resemble the prophecy that can be found in the Book of Revelations. The original version is difficult for me to understand, and the rewritten version is too much for me to go through. Fortunately, a friend helped me to understand, as illustrated below:

In the beginning of the end of time prophecies in Revelation, there are four symbolic horses:

A white one, which many Bible scholars say represent the Antichrist.

The black horse represents death, destruction, and pestilence.

The red horse represents war.

The pale horse represents famine.

What we are experiencing now is pre-Tribulation mishaps. The worse pestilence EVER is coming during the Tribulation period during and after the battle of Armageddon, which occurs at the end of the seven year Tribulation period. It begins with the signing of the Mideast Peace Treaty. The corona virus pandemic is just a taste of what will occur during the Tribulation period. Those who are Christian will be “caught up” in the clouds to be with Jesus before the Antichrist takes up his job as the world ruler, which occurs right after the signing of the treaty. 

The treaty will supposedly bring peace between  Palestine and Israel, but after three and a half years, the Antichrist turns on the Jews and the world, and becomes the worst tyrant ever. He makes everyone take his mark, and those who don’t are killed in hideous ways. Without his mark, no one can buy or sell.

This prophecy implies that Christians will be saved whilst everyone else must either submit to the iron fist of the Antichrist, or die a horrible death. If all of us are “God’s children,” then why do only His followers get preference? So He is saying everyone else can muck off. Fortunately, I don’t consider myself one of His children. I serve my own gods.

Writing seems to be a difficult undertaking as of late. I have so much to talk about, but I need to correlate the information first.  It didn’t help that the video in my last post was removed. That was embarrassing. The world as we know it hast changed, and the truth is being kept hidden. I want to expose the truth.   I don’t trust mainstream media anymore. Now I turn to alternative media. Censorship is abound. The right to free speech has been lost.  It is time for WE, THE PEOPLE, to fight for our rights.


Are we going to retreat into the darkness of slavery? Or will we advance, ADVANCE into the sunshine of freedom?

~Ralph Kramden















3 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations

  1. Yes, all of us are God’s children, but some of God ‘s children want to do everything their own.way, not God’s way. The scripture II Timothy 3:8 says that like Jannes and Jambres, those having a reprobate spirit “resist the Truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” God is in charge of Heaven and Satan is in charge of Hell. Satan loves it when we don’t follow God’s way because we will end up with him. Then HE calls the shots, not us. There is no in-between place to go. My hope is that people will follow God and have many blessings because of it. All Satan does is curse and destroy us, and encourage us to follow our way so that we.end up with him.


  2. I also want to add this: please do NOT take the mark of the Antichrist, the one who becomes the world ruler, no matter how much he threatens you. All who receive the mark of the beast (Antichrist) will not be able to get into Heaven.


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