Fight The Power

In a previous post, I mentioned that Mayor DeBlasio had instructed the NYPD to arrest anyone not complying with the quarantine. Behold the chaos that has resulted:




I live outside of NYC, and out here in the suburbs, we’re not subject to such draconian measures by law enforcement.  Instead of a mayor, we have what is known as a County Executive. The police are still doing what they’re supposed to be doing.  But it makes me wonder if fascist policies are taking hold. When the current situation is broken down to the lowest common denominator, it is all about a desire for population control, and a huge conspiracy to get Trump out of office. With that in mind, here is another video:



Now I realise that I am digressing from the original synopsis of this blog. But I cannot sit by and watch this country self destruct because of the selfish Democratic Party aka the demon rats, who seek to punish WE, THE PEOPLE, because they hate Trump. I want everyone to see their real agenda. I need to write about it. Followers of this blog know that my missed calling was in journalism, and now, I am living that dream. Anyway, how many of you are getting tired of me talking about myself all the time? It is clear that mainstream media cannot be trusted, and I am here to bring you the truth without being censored. Or at least I hope WordPress doesn’t get caught up in the propaganda the way YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have. They censor people left and right.

Thankfully, I am not alone in this fight. A friend fights alongside me, who needs to remain nameless at this time. When this person posts a video to my inbox, I will share it with you. Mainstream media can try to censor us, but we will not be silent.


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