I’m Tired

I’m tired of all the racism and fighting with each other. I’m tired of all the so called Karens with their inflated “white privilege.” I’m tired of all the changes this world has gone through in the weeks after the George Floyd debacle. I’m sick of it! Just stop it already!

A few days ago, I was so angry about all the racism going on. I didn’t care whether humanity lived or died. My purpose on this planet and in this plane of existence is to heal and take away someone’s emotional pain. But how can I do that with all this infighting going on? All people want to do is fight and argue and enforce their rules as to who can go where. Case in point: I saw a clip of a white woman with her child in the stroller standing behind the car of a black woman in a parking lot and refused to let her leave. Why? I know not. I didn’t watch the whole thing. It was probably a shopping centre. I’m staying away from videos involving racism because it makes me upset and I’m so tired of seeing it.

I had shared a post from the local news station about a nurse at Southside Hospital who was fired for a racist private conversation on social media with another nurse, which was leaked to the media. That started a war of words on my page with two nurse friends, both of which are Italian. Another Italian friend joined in, along with a friend from Kansas. I wanted to delete it, but I left it. I didn’t get in the middle of it because I might be accused of being a racist, and I didn’t want to lose their friendship. I have been to Southside and I don’t care for the place. It makes me wonder how may other racist nurses work there. I do not want to know.

These days, I cannot make a comment on a post without being accused of starting trouble. Only in certain Facebook groups will I leave comments, whilst in other groups, people are so super sensitive that I say nothing. I just read the post and talk about it with a trusted friend. Being an Aries is a lot harder than it looks. I can start a war just by being myself OR my opening my mouth. I have to watch what I say to people. But I haven’t turned into a wallflower. I’m still a rebel at heart.

Now I wonder what Halloween 2020 will be like. If a white man dresses as Darth Vader, he would be labeled a racist. If a white woman dresses as the Vancome Lady, she would be considered a Karen and a racist. Seems to me that this year, you have to dress according to the skin colour of a fictional, or a living character. In other words, I could dress as Darth Vader, but not as Ben Kenobi. I wonder if my sister from another mister would dress as the Evil Queen to scare the Karens away. We are clearly dealing with children, hence the “Cops are peepee poopoo” phrase written on the wall in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle.

I’m tired of this world I live in. I have always felt like a stranger in a strange world, but now it feels even more so. These childish protesters need to be spanked until their butt glows in the dark, their electronic devices taken away, sit them down, and put a history book in front of them. I can say it a thousand times, and I’ll say it again: I am sick of all this childish nonsense! I want the world to go back to the mess it used to be. For those that are unaware, that is supposed to be satirical in nature.

So all I can do is work on my other projects to keep my mind occupied, and enjoy the time off until I go back to work. I expect the word to come from HR next month. It has been a slice of heaven so far.

Thanks for reading the post, and leave a comment if you so desire. Stay tuned for the next post.

Sat Nam.


2 thoughts on “I’m Tired

  1. I’m so sorry that I have contributed to any chaos one my FB page brother. I deal with things differently then you. I post that stuff so people can see what I have seen and we can talk about it. I will take into consideration that it effects you. You have been such an asset to my life and I am grateful to have had you in it for a while now. Too many many more moons. Ly

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    1. You have been an asset to my life too. If you ever need to talk, you know how you can reach me. I understand that everyone deals with things differently. Just be you.

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