Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

So here I was waiting for the store to call me when the bed frame arrived. I didn’t hear anything so I called the store, and it had arrived. On the following day, I went to the store to finalise the purchase. The one thing that stuck out what that the mattress I chose was $100 less. When I first went to the store with mom on a Saturday, the price was $579. Makes me wonder if they jacked up the price because they expected more shoppers on a Saturday. I’m glad I didn’t lay any money because I was waiting on the frame. The total price came up to somewhere under $800 for the mattress, box spring, and frame.

As I was finishing up at work this past Friday, I get a call from the delivery guy. He was just leaving the store, and he will arrive at my place in 40 minutes. So I had to rush to turn in my paper work at the office and hurry home to take apart the old bed. I get home, and as I’m walking to the house, I see a late model Freightliner truck pulling in. It had to be the Big Lots truck, and it was. It looked like an ex Peerless Importers truck. I recognised the colour. The driver called me on my cell, and I directed him to my building. I hurried into my apartment to use the latrine, then I took my old bed apart and dragged the mattress and box spring outside just as the delivery men walked up. I originally was going to ask them to lean everything against the wall and I’ll put it together, but I was exhausted, and I had the time to spare, so I let them do their thing. Had to pay $95 dollars for the delivery, but oh well. My new bed is here! I’m happy. I got rid of the memory foam pad for the mattress since I was not using it, and it was taking up space in my room. I can honestly say that memory foam is not all that. It may be comfy to lie down on, but sleeping on it is a different story. I have made the attempt many times, and I just cannot go to sleep lying on it.

I put on the mattress pad, then the fitted sheet. It was quite difficult getting the sheet out because it was folded tightly to fit into a small bag. When I got the sheet on the bed, there were wrinkles everywhere. My girlfriend did not like that at all due to her OCD. Mom ordered a bed skirt that I will get when I go to her house. The bed sits on risers, which makes the bed very tall for most people under six feet tall. I can fall into it without a problem. However, I can’t see the clock on the nightstand, and watching TV could be a challenge. I can put books under the clock, and a new TV stand is on the wish list. For now, it is not a big deal. I will adapt.

My first night in my new bed was not so great because it was chilly in my room. The complex has not turned on the heat yet, and the weather has been cool all week. I need a very narrow temperature variable in order to sleep. It cannot be too hot or too cold, and the air must have a certain degree of humidity. I may have to bring my other humidifier out of retirement. The hot steam warms the room as opposed to my diffuser, which only adds moisture to the air. Even though I did not sleep well, at least when I got up, my back was not in pain, and I can slide off the bed rather easily. I just have to remember not to roll off the bed by accident because its a long way down.

So on the way home after finishing my route, I pass the former Sleepy’s location in Patchogue, which is now know as Mattress Firm. That’s where mom bought my full size bed many moons ago. If I bought the bed there, would I have gotten a better price? Would I have gotten free delivery? Do I even want to know? Well, I know mom would like a new mattress, but we’ll get it from Big Lots.

I just read that cooler temperatures stimulate the production of melatonin. That does not apply to me. If the room is too cool, it wakes me up. I take melatonin pills before bed, and I still may not sleep. I am such an enigma. Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Remember to Be Your Greatest Version.

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