Gods And Monsters

I like to observe people as they go about their day. I take note of the energy output and type, whether it is chaotic, toxic or focused. In other words, I know what that person is feeling without words being exchanged.

Entitlement is a word that is being mentioned as of late. But with the way people are acting, I feel it is more than that. Most people I see fancy themselves as gods rather than humans. Common sense and decorum go out the window. People having tantrums over trivial things like not having packets of ketchup included in a order from McDonald’s.

These days, I’m actually scared of driving because of how people are on the roads. I don’t want my truck to be turned into a smoking pile of sheet metal because I was slowing down to make a turn. People do not care about the lives of others from what I have seen. Even more so when I am engaged in the transport of special needs adults to day programs. People seem to want to run me off the road, not caring about the lives of my people behind me. Then when they have blood on their hands, they carry on like children.

I still have trauma from an encounter with a wild driver in a 2012 Chevy Arcadia many moons ago. To be next to one or even see one causes an increase in my anxiety, and a desperate desire to get away from it.

I talk to the spirits and the gods, and even they do not conduct themselves in such a matter. They are a lot more humble. I wish I could remember what one particular goddess said to me when I was sounding off about humans acting like gods, but it was very profound. I don’t want to name her, but she is my hero.

I know not as to why must people act this way to each other. Why? Is is everyone’s mission to get over on everyone else? A running joke is that I would like a door mat that says:

Dogs And Cats Welcome

Humans UNwelcome

Of course, I cannot, since I have to let maintenance into my place if I have a problem, and the bi-annual visits by the town that likes to rule with an iron fist to check the smoke detectors. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. But with people carrying themselves the way they are now, I don’t think I should worry about that.

However, I would like to say that not everyone is like that. My neighbours are quite friendly, and I have met nice people during my travels. I even have sisters from another mister. But these days, I would rather keep to myself, lest I be subjected to an unwarranted attack over something trivial.

One of the gods suggested a Lepidolite key to help with stress. I bought one, and I wear it at work. I could feel the energy from it when it came, even though it was wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. I only take it off to shower and to sleep. It should work well with my selenite wands when I meditate. Now I have the tools to ease stress when work becomes annoying.

Sometimes I wonder why should I help people when all they want to do is step on one another to reach their goals. Then the spirits remind me that I am a ray of light, and a gentle spirit. I am here to help people. There are times when I became so fed up and swore I would not help another soul because I am so tired of people being cruel to one another, and to me. But what if that person commits suicide because she/he could not deal with the trauma? I almost did, but the spirits saved me. Sometimes I need to remind myself that the spirits saved me for a reason, and I can honour them by helping others. If I can help only one person, it is a victory.

It is weird that even in my empath group on Facebook, I feel like a loner. 99% of the members are women, and they experience many thing that I don’t. Most are clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant; among other things. My sister Renea is the more powerful empath. I go to her when I cannot read the energy from someone. Sometimes I wonder why did I even bother joining. The spirits just mentioned that they are my “empath family.” Ok, I’ll go with that.

Thanks for reading my post. Remember to Be Your Greatest Version.

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