Heart Troubles

Previously, I went for a stress test at the cardiologist’s office. This past Wednesday, I went for the echocardiogram. As usual, the mask had to stay on whilst on the treadmill, just like the first time. Only difference is that after the test was over, I had to immediately lie down so the clinician could take my blood pressure whilst my heart was in the target range. With that damn mask on, I was not getting enough air. I easily could have inhaled it, considering how hard I was panting.

The good news is that no blockages were observed, but the bad news is that my blood pressure spiked to over 200, and the sinus rhythm was interrupted by skips. So the dosage of the water pill was increased to 50 mgs from 12.5 mgs. The cardiologist gave me a heart monitor to wear for 24 hours, then I put in in a postage paid envelope and drop it off at the post office. The doctor ordered a blood test for me, which means having to go to Quest Diagnostics for a blood draw. UGH! I do not relish the thought. I am what is know as a “hard stick.” Some phlebotomists get it on the first try, whilst most poke around, looking for that elusive vein. I tell them take it from my hand, and even that can be problematic.

What they don’t know is that I was not taking the water pill because it makes me go to the latrine constantly. At the old office job, it wasn’t a problem since the latrine was down the hall, but now that I drive for a living, I can’t always get a comfort break. That’s why I keep a empty bottle with me just in case it turns into a dire emergency. I started taking the water pill again, and I’m doing Kegal exercises every morning. So far, it is helping. I can hold it for a little longer, as compared to months earlier when accidents were common.

But I was not happy with the news. I don’t want to start having heart problems now since I’m getting up there in age. I was mad at myself for not taking the water pill. I remember when I stopped taking my blood pressure pill, and I came thisclose to either dying, or being partially paralysed from a stroke. But I hated having to run to the bathroom multiple times a day, and having an emergency whilst I was on the highway.

I felt numb when I went home, and when I went to work. I didn’t even tell the girlfriend yet. I only told her I was going to the cardiologist. I don’t want to add to her worries. She has enough on her plate with her mom needing 24/7 care because of a seizure. I still feel numb, but it will go away eventually. I have learned that no matter how upset I feel, my guide always heals me.

I took the water pill this morning, and I wasn’t running to the bathroom all day. We’ll see what happens when I have to take the pill with the increased dosage. I looked up alternatives to a water pill, and Vitamin D and potassium instead of the pill. I already take Vitamin D, and I have potassium, but I’ll stick with the pill for now. The alternatives may not work as well.

Before this Covid nonsense happened, I was running on the treadmill with my heart in the target range. I wonder how many times the sinus rhythm was interrupted by a skip? I was always afraid of having a heart attack whilst running. That prompted my desire to have a stress test. What if I need a pacemaker in my old age? My doctor might say I’m putting the carriage ahead of the horse. But I worry about stuff like that.

So at some point between now and Yule, I’ll have to get my blood drawn and visit the cardiologist for a follow up. I’m not happy about either. Then I have to face the threat of having to go for a colonoscopy. I’m so afraid, but I have to face my fears. Its the natural thing to do.

Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate all of you for being followers of this blog. Sometimes it is embarrassing to bare all my fears and troubles to you. But I do it because I feel like I need to tell my story.

Remember to Be Your Greatest Version.

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