Weird New World

I swear I must be living in a parallel universe. Rapper Lil Nas X selling Satanist themed trainers that contain a drop of human blood. But trainers that feature the Betsy Ross flag is offensive. This is absolutely ridiculous! Someone from one of my groups was saying The Honeymooners is being replaced in its time slot on WPIX by Seinfeld. My guess is that cancel culture has struck again. The show has become offensive because of threats by Ralph to send Alice to the moon. At least I believe that is the reason why it is being removed. These United States are destroyed by the Democrats, Satanists, and the communists. Anyway, check out the following article from the NYT:

So let me get this straight. That sell out Kaepernick criticizes it, and Nike pulls it. Seriously, who’s running the show? He was appointed as brand ambassador, not the damn CEO. So one word from him, and Nike bows to his wishes. Are they afraid to say no to him? Whatever happened to thinking for themselves? I wonder if Kaepernick became one of Satan’s lackeys. That might be too much of a stretch, but I stand by it. I like the sneakers. Its just what this country needs for the Fourth of July. For those that don’t know, the thirteen stars represent the thirteen original colonies.

So as long as I’m on a patriotic theme, I’ll share this video that was shared to me by a friend that sums up how I feel about the country. Maybe I should take all the Bruce Springsteen songs out of my Spotify playlist. The communists and Democrats will dismiss it as being offensive, but I don’t give a flying fat frog. WE, THE PEOPLE, need to come together and help end this reign of terror and put the damn communists out to pasture. My sister feels the same way. She is very patriotic, hence the featured image.

In other news, my Congressman Lee Zeldin is mulling over a run for governor. I say go for it! Unfortunately, our Democratic County Executive Steve Bellone is also considering a run for governor. Bah! Not on my watch. I do not want any more demon rat governors. But how can I talk about politics if I’m not throwing knives at our Democratic EXCUSE for governor Cuomo? Okay, so come April 2nd, “Prince Andrew” will require us New Yorkers to have a “vaccine passport.” Behold:

That gets a loud and wet razz from me. He’s supposed to be governor, yet he fancies himself as a dictator. Accused by seven women of sexual harassment, and he still sits on his porcelain throne since he’s full of waste matter. Lee Zeldin, please run against this fraud for governor. Why can’t he step into an open manhole? Accidents happen. Ooops.

I haven’t written a post in days because I’m sick of all the crap that is going on. I don’t read the paper or watch the news because the media is clearly biased. Anyone who tells the truth is silenced. Laura Loomer had all her social media accounts cancelled, and actor Kevin Sorbo had his Twitter account cancelled for speaking the truth. I hate those bastards. They censor you for speaking the truth, but they will allow racist propaganda and wannabe child molesters on their platform.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome.

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