The Weight Of The World

In previous posts, I talked about my depression, my suicide attempt, and the journey I have been on since that time. I released my pain to the universe, and the hatred that I carried for a now deceased man was also released to the universe. Now I help other with their pain. Currently, I am working with a 19 year old who has challenges she needs to overcome in order to live her best life.

Now it seems that a new type of depression has taken hold. It is not the kind where anger is turned inward. I’m feeling the sickness of the planet. COVID-19 is the main reason, but as for the weather, something is going on. For months, I have been saying that the days feel wrong. Doesn’t matter if the sun is out or not. Three snowstorms in a row this past February. Missouri was getting hit with snow storms constantly. My twin flame in Louisiana was telling me how the temperature dropped to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. It never gets that cold in the South!

I suspect the government is making an attempt at controlling the weather. Bill Gates wants to take it a step further by dimming the sun.

It really saddens me that the planet is sick. I feel it every day. I must be evolving as an empath because I have never been able to feel the environment. There are 11 different types of empaths. I’m emotional, earth, and precognitive. I used to be just emotional. I wish the government would stop controlling the weather. They could end up upsetting the weather balance and cause chaos. I wish I did not feel this way all the time. Seems to me that I won’t feel better until the planet does.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend, who has a prophecy to bring to fruition. As I was talking to her, two visions came to me. I saw her in the role as leader. She is to preach truth to her followers, if not the nation. Then I had a second vision, which was more powerful than the first. It left me feeling out of sorts for a few minutes. I usually don’t get visions of such magnitude. It is clear that her time approaches quickly, and she must prepare. I too have a prophecy to bring to fruition, but time is on my side. But by the end of summer, one part of the prophecy will be completed.

I do get visions from time to time, but nothing as strong as that one. One vision is reaching fruition, which is the one I had about the people being fed up with the government and going to war with each other from 1985.

I just happened on the above link which was shared by Congressman Lee Zeldin. It is already bad enough here without the tax hikes. This is what happens when Democrats are running the asylum. Taxes now are bad enough. You practically have to be a millionaire to own a house here. Or at least earn $80K annually. Food costs have gone up, gasoline prices are creeping up to $3/gallon, the co-pay to see a clinician has increased. I hope to be leaving at some point. The girlfriend bought a house in a nice area and we will be moving there. I don’t want to say where, but I can say it is not in NY.

The city is so dangerous now that it is very unlikely I will ever set foot in NYC again. I miss Brooklyn and I would love to visit my old neighbourhood and see the apartment building that I lived in with mom and grandmother. It still stands, but the huge wrought iron entrance doors are long gone. And I remember when I rode the subways with impunity back in the 1980’s when subway crime was rampant due to the introduction of crack. I was in NYC the day Bernard Goetz shot the four teens who tried to rob him on a downtown train. Now, I will not set foot on the subway. I’m actually afraid to ride my old Lexington Avenue express train to Utica Avenue. To me, that is frightening.

It is a damn shame, and it saddens me to see my hometown destroyed by the Democrats. If you support them and their actions, you’re a part of the problem. If you like to see neighbourhoods and history destroyed, CONGRATUATIONS, you got your wish. At this point, I only wish to leave NY for good.

Thanks for reading my post and remember to Be Your Greatest Version.

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